Brick by Brick

Realms differ. In both Advancement and Achievements. But all of them share one goal. They don't want to fade into the cracks of History. And on occasion, some residents share their home with different Realms.


2. Pyramus

I heard a ringing in the distance, calling for me to come closer. I twirled around, to see the trees swaying in the cold winter wind, and nothing else. I knew that my vision was lying to me, like it does to everyone else. I closed my eyes tightly, squinting, but peeking slightly. Wondering if it would still work if light still came into my eyes. It didn't. I shut them, as if I was sleeping, and held the pendant on my necklace. Stroking the smooth gem with my thumb. I counted in my head. 1...2...3... Then brought the gem to my mouth, and breathed the words of Magic.


My head began to spin, so I spun with the sensation. Throwing my hair like the fire colour it was. I began to laugh, but never opened my eyes, afraid that it would break the connection. The occasion tear of happiness leaked from the corner of my eyes, which I knew, unlike all the other positive emotions in the realm, wasn't fake. The ringing called again, this time, I knew I would see it. Having done this a million times before, I knew I was rid of the Realm of Technology, and in the Realm of Magic, only for believers.


My eyelids threw themselves open in excitement and desperation. Excitement of leaving the Realm, and desperation cause I live in that Realm. Everything looked different. Well, it was the same, but everything had a more natural glow, even though it was a forest in the Technology Realm, and is the same in this Realm. Everything still seemed different. I raised my head to the sky, and whistled a simple four note tune. I waited for a moment in silence, but made my way deeper into the forest, careless of anything else. The wind here was warm, even in the month of November. And in the Summer, oh the Summers here. Everything is perfect. Trees dance to the wind, birds sing all day, creatures laugh in delight and the waters rest in the warmth of the Sun.


The tune finally echoed back to me as I expected, but more musically, and beautifully. In the distance, to see flying fire, literally. The bright flames grew in strength and heat. Quivering feathers, bright yellow, sun like eyes, small but yet strong body. The presence of the Phoenix, Pyramus is always breath taking.

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