Not Your Average Hero

I'm not a hero.
Really, I'm not.
I'm a failure.


1. I'm not...

I'm not a Hero.

Really, I'm not.

I'm a failure.

Nobody's been a Hero in my family, ever, so this wouldn't have been a surprise, but then He was born.

My cousin, Charles. Yep. The first Hero in our family.

It wasn't exactly a surprise to anyone, since he was an amazing baby, and even a better toddler. At age six, he was chosen.

Six is the oldest anyone's been chosen.

It was a miracle, apparently. I wouldn't know. I was born eleven months later. I was supposed to be a Hero, too.

But I'm not.

This wasn't a surprise, either, though to my face my parents always fiercely defend me, say that the choosers are blind, and that they haven't got a brain in their heads, if they didn't choose me.

But I can still see the disappointment in their faces in the baby pictures.

They're still the nicest people I know, but I was supposed to be THEIR little Hero, I was supposed to be THEIR Charles.

But I'm not.

And my name is Elliot.

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