Age is Just a Number

What will happen when a heartbroken 15-year-old girl, Mina, gets to finally meet her favorite band of all time, One Direction, and falls in love with one of the boys? They are clearly all older than her so will she able to gain happiness or be heartbroken once again?


11. Zylie



We stayed home for the day while Paul told us about the upcomming concert. "Alright, so the concert is scheduled for Friday night," he said looking tired. "So tomorrow you'll have some practice, and then Thursday, you'll being doing rehearsals for half of the day." I yawned. We'd gone over this routine so many times before, it was becoming boring and repetitive. "Paul you look tired, why don't you take a nap?" I said getting up from the sofa that Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis and I were sitting on. I stretched. He sighed and got up rolling his eyes at me like I said the stupidest thing ever. He walked into his room to get some sleep.

"Alright mates, I'm going to go...for a drive," I said smiling. Really I was going to pick up Kylie and Mina from school. I found Kylie very attractive. She was just beautiful, the way her hair flowed over her dark shoulder yesterday, the way her eyes twinkled, and I loved her cute laugh that appeared every time I told her a joke. I must have been staring off into space because Niall said, "Going to see Kylie eh?" I felt myself blush. Was it that obvious? "Uh... Mind if I go with you mate?" Liam said, knowing where I was going. I shrugged, "Sure." And then I remembered what he told Niall, Harry and I last night, about how Mina cried and was scared to tell Louis her age. "Of course of course." Then Harry jumped up, saying he wanted to tag along. Thankfully Niall stopped Louis from saying anything by saying, "You guys have fun, we'll just sit here and bake." He winked at us as we left.

We picked up the girls and instantly, we all noticed how miserable Mina looked. So I rushed her to her house and dropped her off along with Liam and Harry. "I'll pick you up later," I told them, then drove off towards Kylie's house. "Thanks for the ride," she said giving me a smile. She was adorable. She unbuckled her seat belt and then looked at me. "Would you like to come in for a moment? My parents won't be home until late, so I'll be lonely..." I turned of the car in one swift motion and stepped out to open her door. "I'd love to hang out with you for a bit," I said smiling at her. She blushed and stepped out.

We walked into her house and a little 'wow' escaped my lips. It was like a garden of plants inside the house of house plants with furniture that blended int along with a garden the was inside the house, but surrounded by glass walls and ran through the top of the house where there was an opening for birds to fly into it. I heard Kylie giggle at my amazement and say, "I had the same exact expression as you do now when I first saw the house."

"Come along, lets get something to eat," she said. We walked into an open kitchen, that was the complete opposite of the forest just behind the door frame we just came from. It was open and plain, kind of boring looking, but there were a lot of windows with a beautiful backyard full of flowers to look out at. "Mom hasn't got to decorate the kitchen yet," Kiley said as she opened the fridge and pulled out some fresh blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries  I wasn't feeling hungry, but when she offered me some I took some blueberries and popped them into my mouth. They were good so I reached for some more, but Kylie pulled the bowl containing the berries away from me. She let out a giggle. So we were playing a game? She quickly sat at the plain kitchen table and I joined her. We were sitting side by, but there was a good distance between us. I reached over for the bowl when she was placing a blackberry in her mouth. I noticed how plush and soft her lips looked with it's natural pink color that was noticeable on her lovely skin. They looked so...kissable. 

"What are you doing?" Kylie said, snapping me back into reality. "I-I was just seeing if you liked the blackberry... You know... so I could eat some..." I said. Way to play it cool, Zayn. We continued to eat the berries as we talked about our day. "I'm worried about Mina..." Kylie said. "Ya know... about her age and about what Louis might do... and today when Kyle tried to talk to her, she kept spacing out. She's not doing well, Zayn, I'm really worried about her." I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, and played with strands of her hair to comfort her. "What if she does something to herself..." she whispered, sounding extremely worried about her good friend. That made me a bit worried too. In the short time that the boys and I got to meet and get to know about Mina, we became good friends. "Maybe we should give it a little bit more time...and if she doesn't tell him, or if Louis gets does something stupid when she does tell him... We'll have to be with her no matter what," I said, trying to be supportive. Kylie looked at me and smiled. Our faces were inches away from each others. "Let's go upstairs," Kylie said before we got stuck in a staring trance, and hopped of her chair. She quickly placed the empty bowl in the sink and lead me upstairs.



I was nervous. Our faces had been so close, I could feel my heart beating so rapidly. I lead Zayn up to me room, blushing over the incident in the kitchen. My room was large. Similar in size to Mina's room, but her room was more rectangular, while mine was a big open square. I had a walk in closet, my own bathroom, a study desk with a Mac computer, a full body mirror next to it, a bookshelf near the window, maroon and purple curtains, and a pretty awesome bed. My bed was like a bunk bed, but the top bunk was full size, while the bottom bunk was king sized and they both face in two different ways. The bottom bunk, where I usually slept, stuck out more than the top bunk.There were little white (christmas) lights on the metal rails of the whole set. In front of the bed there was a huge lush maroon carpet with 2 purple bean bags on top of it. The floor was a wood, like that nice red brown colored wood.

"Nice place," Zayn said admiring my room. "Thanks," I said. Then he came over to me and took hold of my hands in his hands. I had to bite my lower lip to keep from smiling like crazy. "Kylie," Zayn said with a soft smile and looked into my eyes. "I know it's kind of soon to say, but you're cute, and I think I like you." Oh. My. God. Zayn Malik...of One Direction...just said he liked me. I was fangirling inside, but on the outside, I was letting myself smile like crazy. Slowly Zayn leaned closer to me, and I looked up at him. Our lips touched and I could feel sparks fly through me, the butterflies dancing in my stomach, my heart beating like it was ready to explode. 

The kiss lasted for a long time, until I started to feel Zayn's hands begin to wander. One went up and the other went lower down my back. I was about to stop him, but he stopped himself and brought his hands back to my hips. We broke away smiling at each other, blushing too. We heard a car pull into the driveway. "I think my parents are home..." I said, confused so I looked at my phone. 7:43PM. Wow did berry eating take us that long? "Would you like to meet them?" I said, since there was no other way for him to avoid them. 

"Of course," Zayn said with a wink. "I'm sure they'll want to meet their daughter's future boyfriend."

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