Age is Just a Number

What will happen when a heartbroken 15-year-old girl, Mina, gets to finally meet her favorite band of all time, One Direction, and falls in love with one of the boys? They are clearly all older than her so will she able to gain happiness or be heartbroken once again?


10. What to do?


Okay so that got us all tense. I tried to swallow down my food as I knew what question was going to come up soon. "What do you mean hide her? I'll protect her," Louis said, causing a smile to appear on Mina's face. Paul sighed, I felt like I was going to burst. "Louis, some of the fans are crazy, you know that," Paul siad. "And what if when you go on tour she gets hurt or attacked? Then what? You can't take her to every tour, she has school you know." Oh no, don't bring up school. "Yeah but when she graduates next year she can be with me all the time," Louis said. I choked on the piece of chicken I was eating as I saw Mina's face drop. Niall handed me a glass of water. "Wait Louis, I'm not-" Mina started to say, but I coughed loudly and shook my head. She stopped herself and looked down. "Let's not talk about this right now," Harry said. The table went silent and everyone continued to eat.

After dinner, Mrs. Wright brought out some bowls of ice cream and a plate full of cake, cookies, brownies, and fudge. She even brought us some tea after we finished our ice cream. "Mina," I whispered quietly to her. She looked up at me from her melted ice cream. I gave her a reassuring smile and she gave me a sad smile. I needed to get her away from there. Louis was talking to Zayn and Kylie, so it would be the perfect chance. I cleared my throat," Ah, Mina. I think I dropped something it your room...And I forgot where your room is..." I didn't lie, honestly I forgot where her room was, but I know I didn't drop anything. "Sure," she said getting up, as if she wanted to get away. Louis looked up at her then me, and then smiled and continued talking.

As we walked into her room, I shut the door and said, "It's okay now." In and instant I say the tears stream down her face, but she was motionless. It shocked me, it was so sad yet peaceful and graceful. "If I tell him he won't want to be with me anymore," she said silently. "I don't know what to do..." I didn't either, but I didn't want to make her feel bad so I said, "Mina, Louis wouldn't do that to you... He love's you, he won't leave you... You're just going to have to be honest with him..." I felt like I heard the stairs creak but then I shook off the thought thinking it was just my imagination. I looked at Mina's face as she stared at me, and then she broke. She clung onto me and started to cry into my chest. I hesitated, not knowing what to do, but then I wrapped my arms around her. "Shh...Shh... It's okay, it'll be okay," I said trying to comfort her. I stroked her hair trying to calm her down. 

All of a sudden, the door swung open. "LIAM? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I heard Louis shout just as I turned around to have Mina pulled away from me.



I can't believe he would do this to me. I hugged Mina close to me and practically growled at Liam. "What did you do to her?" I said noticing the tears falling from Mina's face. "I-I didn;t do anything! I was just trying to comfort her!" Liam said, looking terrified. I relaxed a bit, but was still angry. "Oh..." I said then looked down at Mina, who was whimpering. "What's wrong love?" I asked. "I'll leave you two alone to talk..." Liam said walking out the door and shutting it behind him. I helped Mina onto her bed, and sat on it, right in front of her. 

She had stopped crying, but she wouldn't look at me at all. "Mina, what's wrong?" I was concerned. Did Liam do something to her? Or was she upset about the whole fandom going crazy if they found out about her? "It's nothing," she finally said, her voice cracking a bit. Then we just sat in silence. "It's about what Paul said isn't it?" I said She looked at me and hesitantly said, "No it's just that I-... No it's not that it's... I... um... yeah it is." She instantly started crying and I leaned over and pulled her onto my lap and held her in a tight hug. "I'll protect you," I said into her ear, then kissed her head. She calmed down after a little while, and fell asleep with her head on my shoulder. Poor Mina, she cried out all her energy. I laid her down on her bed and tucked her in under her blanket. I kissed her forehead.

"I'll never leave you," I whispered to her. "I always stay with you, I promise." Then I walked out the door.

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