Age is Just a Number

What will happen when a heartbroken 15-year-old girl, Mina, gets to finally meet her favorite band of all time, One Direction, and falls in love with one of the boys? They are clearly all older than her so will she able to gain happiness or be heartbroken once again?


5. We've Only Met, Let's Call it Love


I didn't want Louis to be angry at me. During practice he wouldn't look at me and then after practice when I tried to speak to him, he walked off and started to talk to one of the boys. I was worried for him. Just that morning I had asked Stanley about Mina's age and a little bit about her past. She was a heartbroken 15 year old, too young for Louis. I didn't dislike her, she was fun to have around, especially now that she was warming up to us. I just was worried about them being in a relationship. Usually couples with a big age different don't work out.

"Liam," I heard a voice say behind me. I was lost in thought and didn't notice Mina come up to me. "What's wrong? You look upset." She said. She was adorable, she had a sweet innocent baby face and they way she acted was cute. "Oh no, nothing, I'm just a bit tired is all," I said giving her a friendly smile. She smiled back and we just stood there. If Louis really wanted to be with her, I didn't have a say in it. I realized that I should apologize to Louis, even if I did have a bad feeling about them becoming a couple.

"Excuse me Mina," I said. "I need to talk to Louis for a minute, I'll be right back." "Take your time," she said then walked over to Niall, who was talking to Stanley.

I walked into Louis' dressing room. He was sitting there on the sofa, going through his phone. He looked up at me as I walked in and he frowned. "Before you say anything I'd like to apologize for what I said earlier," I said quickly. "I have no right to come in between you and Mina and I'm sorry." Louis smiled and I relaxed. "It's alright lad," he said. Then he motioned for me to sit with him on the sofa. I happily sat beside him as he put his phone away. "Tell me Liam," he started. "Do you think Mina and I would make a bad couple?" I frowned. "No I never said that," I said defensively. "No I know, you didn't say that but you always look like you're being bothered when we're together," he said. I put on a fake smile," Louis you two would make a lovely couple." It was true, they would. What was I so worried about? Louis wouldn't do anything to hurt her. He wasn't like that.

Just then, Harry popped his head through the door. "Are you guys ready to leave?" he said. We nodded and got up. "We'll just go say bye to Mina and Stanley and then we can leave," Louis said smiling. "Oh, but they already left," Harry said. Louis smile dropped to a frown. "Just kidding," Harry said laughing and pointing at Louis' face. Louis playfully pushed Harry out of the way and walked out. "Harry that wasn't nice," I said chuckling myself. "I couldn't help it, he likes her so much," Harry said smiling. "Wait what? You know?" I said kind of surprised. "Of course. We all know, we've been together for quite a long time now, I think we know each other pretty well," Harry said shaking his head at me, still smiling. I nodded my head in agreement. We did know each other pretty well.



Stanley was talking to Paul while I stood with Mina outside their car. "So I'll be seeing you tomorrow, right?" I said. She smiled and shook her head. "Tomorrow is Saturday, I'll only come if my dad is coming to work tomorrow," she said. I smiled at her. "No worries, we don't have practice tomorrow for too long, so how about you and I go to the carnival tomorrow," I said. "Are the boys going?" she said looking up at me. "Uh yeah sure, if they want to," I said, trying to hide my disappointment. "Sure," she said smiling. Damn, now I had to ask the boys to come along. I wanted us to get alone time. Maybe if I explained to them that I wanted to be alone with Mina, they'd let us. "I'll see you tomorrow Louis," she said as she got into the car and they drove off. I turned to Paul, "I want to go to the carnival with Mina tomorrow." Paul looked at me and frowned. "And I'm guessing the others want to go to," he said with a sigh poor guy always had to babysit us. "well I didn't ask them yet...but that's the plan," I said. He nodded his head as we went back into the building.

---later that night---

"So lads, I have a confession to make," I said as we all say in the lounge watching tele. They all looked at me and Harry said, "We already know, you like Mina." My jaw dropped. They knew me too well. I looked at Zayn and Niall, they nodded. "Well then! Way to take the fun out of that," I said. "I was also going to say you're all invited to come to the carnival with us." Zayn winked at me and said, "Don't worry mate, we'll stay far away from you two." I smiled at that. "I call going with Liam," Niall said. Liam groaned. "But all you do is go around and eat food!" Liam pouted. "That's because you're the only who'll go with me and buy me food," Niall said and we all laughed.

So it was set. We were going to the carnival tomorrow. I went upstairs to get ready for bed. I took out my phone to text Mina. 'Hey, see you tomorrow, we'll pick you up at around 10:00AM, sound good?' I placed my phone on my bed and walked into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and then quickly changed into so pajamas. I was exhausted, and I don't know why. Maybe the excitement go to me. I hear my phone beep, so I walked out of the bathroom and checked it. 'Sounds good to me, see you tomorrow Louis. Good Night :)' I smiled and got into bed and fell asleep in an instant.



After I texted Louis, I went into the bathroom to take a shower. Right after my shower I quickly braided my hair while it was still wet. It would look wavy when I took it our in the morning, but it would be tamed and neat. I got into my footie pajamas and went straight to bed. I couldn't wait for the next day.

--the next day-- 

BEEP BEEP. I rolled over in bed to turn of my alarm. 8:00AM. Right on time. I got up and opened the blinds, then made my bed. It was the weekend so my parents were still asleep. I walked downstairs to the kitchen and opened the fridge. I grabbed some milk and put it on the counter. Then I opened the cabinet to retrieve a bowl and opened the drawer and grabbed a fork. I was such a directioner.  I went to the cupboard and got myself some Special K and began to mix it all together. I sat silently by myself at the kitchen table and ate my cereal. It was peaceful. Nice and quiet.

I put the bowl and fork into the sink and went back upstairs. I went into my closet and took out my white and black striped short-sleeved shirt that had a bow on it, at the middle of the collar. The bow was navy blue, so I wore my navy blue pleated skirt. I wore white sock that went just above my knees and black high-top Converse. The jacket Louis let me have was on my bed. I smiled to myself as I wore it. It still had his scent lingering on it. I blushed as I zipped it up. My hair was still in braids so I went into the bathroom to take out the braids. My hair loosened up into soft waves that looked as if they wouldn't deflate. I put on mascara, just onto my top eyelashes, and then some chap-stick onto my lips. I wasn't really into the whole make-up stuff, but I did like mascara. I heard the doorbell ring just as I finished. I ran downstairs and quickly left a note for my parents on the fridge then walked out.



She look amazing. Not much different than yesterday. She smiled as she walked to the van. I opened the door for her and she found herself a seat in the back. I joined her. "Hello Mina," the boys and Paul greeted. I kind of felt bad for Paul, he already had to look after us, and we made him drive too. "Hi everyone," she said smiling. Paul started to drive us to the Carnival. The whole way there Mina just stared out the window. I watched her reflection in the window. She was smiling, and slightly blushing as well. I'd have to confess to her. Today just seemed like a perfect day to do that too.

We arrived at the carnival and immediately, Zayn and Harry went off to go on rides. Niall pulled Liam towards the food court while Paul followed. I turned to Mina, "Where would you like to go first?" She looked up at me and shyly smiled. "I-I don't know, this is my first time at a carnival," she said quietly. I chuckled. "I-I've always wanted to go on a carousel..." she said, looking down. I took her hand. "Then shall we go?" I said, and she nodded.

After we got of the carousel, we decided to try one of the game booths. Mina stopped and stared at something at one of the booths. It was a target booth and the prize was a beige teddy bear. I smiled and stepped up to the guy at the booth. I gave him some money and he gave me three darts. If I could get them all in the middle, I would get the bear. 1...2...3... I got them all in the middle. The guy gave me the bear and a wink, I smiled at him and thanked him. Then I turned to Mina, "This is for you." She smiled and took the bear. "Thanks Louis." I took her hand and said, "I have a confession to make... I know this is crazy... and we've only just met, but i'd like to call this feeling I have for you, love." For a second I was afraid she was going to reject me because I saw her eyes tear up. 

"Oh Louis!" she cried as she hugged me. "I love you too." I couldn't take it anymore, I took her face into my hands and kissed her.

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