Age is Just a Number

What will happen when a heartbroken 15-year-old girl, Mina, gets to finally meet her favorite band of all time, One Direction, and falls in love with one of the boys? They are clearly all older than her so will she able to gain happiness or be heartbroken once again?


7. Well ain't that surprising?


I woke up at 10:00AM. I almost jumped out of bed ready to scream because my father must have left to work, but then I realized it was Sunday. He most likely wasn't going to work. I could smell turkey bacon, eggs and bacon from downstairs. Yum. My stomach growled as I climbed out of bed, so I quickly cleaned my bed and went down for some food. Dad wasn't present, so I got a bit worried to see just Mom sitting there drinking coffee and browsing the internet on her laptop. I joined her at the kitchen table where my food sat. "Good morning Mom, where's Dad?" I said as I sat down and munched on some bacon. "Oh, he went to run some errands, like groceries and stuff, don't worry," Mom said, her eyes not leaving the screen, but gave me a smile. I smiled shyly because she knew me so well. 

When I had finished my breakfast, I washed my dish and went upstairs to change. I wore a royal blue of the shoulder shirt with some leggings, since the shirt covered my rear. I slipped on some black combat boots and then wore a blue beanie that went nicely with my shirt. Today felt like a good day to explore the park. I quickly informed Mom that I would just be across the street and then walked out the front door. 

Right as I got to the park I noticed that i left my phone on my bed. Shit. I was feeling too lazy to go back, but I was kind of hoping I'd get a call or maybe a text from Louis. As I turned I bumped into someone and we both fell on the grass under our feet. It was a girl, and she quickly got up, brushed herself off and said, "I a m so sorry!" Huh? She didn't have an accent. In fact the voice sounded oddly familiar. I looked up at the girl's outstretched hand. I took it and then looked at her. We looked at each other and our jaws dropped. "Kylie?!?" I squealed. "Mina?!?" she squealed back. We held each others hands and did like a happy dance. I just bumped into my close childhood friend who I lost touch with after I moved in with my relatives. "What are you doing here?" she asked unable to mask her happiness, but neither could I! "I decided to move in with my parents," I said, remembering about Derick. "Well's got a kind of a long story... But what are the odds of finding you here?" We shared a laugh. "I've got time, you can tell me. And we moved here just a few weeks back! This is so unbelievable! Ahh!" 

Okay so let me just tell you, we were childhood friends since we were born. We were neighbors and everything. We shared everything together, even our food. Dude, we were like sisters, you couldn't separate us. When I moved I barely got to see her. I only saw her sometimes in 8th grade because we had no classes together and I was always with Derick during our lunch breaks. We were on different sides of the city. I always wished to see her again, but after 9th grade I gave up. My aunts and uncles were to busy and so were my other older cousins. I thought she had forgotten about me, it's been 2 whole years!

She hadn't changed much, just taller and prettier than last I remembered her. Not that she wasn't pretty, she was always so pretty. Now she looked beautiful and developed. Her eyes were brown like mine, but darker. They didn't have the reddish tint that mine had but they had a beautiful shine to them. They looked good on her naturally dark-tan skin. Her skin made her soft pink lips quite nocieable. Her heaight was not much different from mine, about the same, maybe an inch taller. Kylie's hair was absolutely healthy and gorgeous looking. It was a dark brown, often confused for as black unless you were to look at it in the light of the sun. It was straight at the top but gradually became wavy towards the tips. She was gorgeous, but if I remembered correctly, her personality was just great. She was always smiling and had the cutest laugh. She was funny, very caring, kind, and super fun to be around. I could talk to her about anything and we'd never get bored.

We sat down on a bench and started to catch up on our lives over the years. I told her about Derick and the 9th grader he cheated on me with. I think her name was Claire, but I couldn't really remember her last name. One of Kylie's parents got a job transfer to London, so that was the reason for her move. We kept on talking and talking and I learned some interesting new things about her. Like that she was a One Direction fan. I smiled to myself as she admitted to it. I was already thinking of who to pair her up with. 

"Oh sorry," Kylie said as her phone started to beep. "I have to go, but I'm so glad we got to meet up again! Can I have your number? We can schedule a time to hang out." I smiled at her then quickly frowned remembering that I left my phone at home. "I forgot my phone at home, but it's just across the street... How bout I give you my number and you just text me later," I said. She stored my as a contact and we quickly said goodbye with a hug and then scurried off. I couldn't help but smile the whole time.

My smile quickly faded when I went up to my room to get my phone. I had gotten like 3 texts from Louis, asking me if I was free, if I was even there, and we could hang out tonight. I quickly glanced at the clock. 8:15PM. Crap. How come I didn't notice how dark it got. I felt bad now. I quickly texted him, 'Hey Lou, sorry I was out this whole time and left my phone at home. I don't think my dad would let me out this late, but if you want to come over... ;) ' My face turned red when I hit send. I can't believe I just sent that. I was never that bold in any of my relationships, except for when I was dating Derick.

BEEP BEEP. I jumped at the sound of my phone. I got a text from Louis saying, 'Sure I'll be right over babe ;)' I went downstairs to wait for Louis. My parents were sitting in the living room sipping some coco, cuddling, watching a movie...and being so damn perfect together. "Mom, Daddy," I said getting their attention. "I just wanted to tell you that I invited Louis over...I hope that was okay..." Dad just smiled at me while Mom said, "Sure sweetie, junk food is in the pantry if you guys get hungry. We're just going to finish this movie then go to bed." I smiled at them. They were such cool parents, I was so lucky.



It was such a long day.First Mina didn't respond to any of my messages, and secondly, none of the guys wanted to go do anything. Liam was busy twitcamming, Zayn was trying out a new hair gel, and Harry and Niall were playing video games all day. I just read Meltdown by Ben Elton again.

When I had finally got a text back from Mina, I couldn't believe my eyes. She was inviting me over, and this late at night. Not that I was planning to stay over for the night, but I smiled to myself. I went to my room and quickly got changed into a plain blue tee and some black sweatpants. "Boys, I'll be at Mina's if you need me," I said just as I slipped my phone into my pocket. "Alright, but don't be back late," Liam said. "Yeah, you know management, they want us up at 6 tomorrow," Niall said just as he defeated Harry in the game they were playing. Harry playfully pushed him off the couch. I laughed and rolled my eyes. "Don't worry, I won't be gone for too long," I said shuffling out the door.

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