Age is Just a Number

What will happen when a heartbroken 15-year-old girl, Mina, gets to finally meet her favorite band of all time, One Direction, and falls in love with one of the boys? They are clearly all older than her so will she able to gain happiness or be heartbroken once again?


16. Together. Forever.


We heard a knock at the door and in popped Harry's head. "Oh, well that was fast," Harry said smiling. Under his head popped in Niall's head, then Zayn's, then Liam's. Mina let out a little giggle, and the boys smiled in relief. "Well, we'll leave you two alone for now," Harry said and the heads retreated behind the door. I let out a small laugh. I let go of Mina and noticed she looked a bit different. She looked a bit pale, and weak. Something was not right. "Did you sleep well?" I said without really thinking. "Yeah..." she said sounding extremely tired, and I knew she had lost a lot of sleep. I took her hand and led her over to my bed. I pulled the covers and motioned her to sit. When she sat down, I slipped off her boots and socks and placed them by my nightstand. "Here hand me your jacket," I said smiling. She started to unzip but then froze midway. I lifted an eyebrow. "It's kind of cold," she said a bit hesitantly. It was not really cold at all. "Nonsense, now c'mon, I'll put your jacket on the door," I said leaning in to help her take it off. 

"No!" she cried and moved away. "Mina..." I said firmly. She was hiding something from me. "Take it off." She looked at me, somewhat  scared but then took it off and handed it to me. "See that wasn't a big d-..." I started to say when I noticed little scars on her left wrist. This time I froze and felt the blood leave my face. "I-I'm sorry," Mina said, tears forming in her eyes.

"Why?" I asked sitting next to her. "Why did you do this to yourself?" She began to cry, and I took her into my lap and hugged her. "I was alone... I couldn't take it anymore..." She said through her sobs. I kissed her head and slowly rocked us back and forth to calm her down. After her cries were reduced to soft sniffles, I took her wrist and kissed each scar repeatedly. "As long as I am alive, promise me you'll never do this again," I said looking into her eyes.

"I promise," she said softly. She kissed my head and gave me a goofy smile. I placed my hand on her cheek and then leaned into to kiss her soft lips. She kissed me back. It was short, but loving. "And promise me, " I whispered, "That we'll stay together...forever...And no matter what problems we face, be it concerning age or not, we will not separate from each other."

"I promise, Louis," she said with a smile that lit up the whole room. 



I spent the night at the boys' place, so I was alarmed when I woke up in a room that was not my own. But the tight arm around my waist and the soft breathing that occurred on the back of my neck reminded me of where I was. I smiled at the thought Louis and I getting back together. "Louis..." I softly whispered. He let out a tired moan. I turned so the I was on my stomach so I could look down at Louis' face. His face shone in the dim sunlight. He lay there like a perfect angel. I put my lips against his and gave him a soft kiss. One of his eyes slightly popped open. He propped his body up with his elbow and looked at me. "'Ello love," he said in a sleepy voice. I felt my heart skip a beat. "H-Hi," I said nervously. "Do you remember our promise?" He said moving a strand of hair out of my face. "Together forever," I said.

"That's right, together forever," he said giving me a passionate kiss.



(The End)

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