Age is Just a Number

What will happen when a heartbroken 15-year-old girl, Mina, gets to finally meet her favorite band of all time, One Direction, and falls in love with one of the boys? They are clearly all older than her so will she able to gain happiness or be heartbroken once again?


14. Stage fright?



We had been so busy that none of us had time to visit Mina. But we heard from Mr. Wright that she seemed fine, really sad, but okay. But he also said that she didn't say anything at all, and if she did, it was like 'yes', 'no', and 'okay'. He had also mentioned that she had caught a cold. Poor Mina, I felt bad for her. So did Niall, Zayn, and Harry. But she wasn't the only person we were worried about. Louis was acting a bit off. We didn't hear any jokes from him, and when he did joke, the jokes were horrible. 

It was 6:45PM and there were fans waiting outside the building, waiting to be let in. I walked back stage to find the boys knocking at Louis' dressing room door. "Lou open up!" Harry said banging on the door. Then Niall and Zayn were on their phones calling people. "What's wrong?" I said alarmed, but then heard the wretched sound of someone vomiting. It was coming from Louis' room. "Louis!" I called out and tried to open the door. The doors had no locks so he either jammed it or put a chair up against it. 

Just as Harry and I decided to bust the door down, Louis opened it, showing us his pale face and tired eyes. I opened the door farther and walked in. Everything had been tossed and turned as if someone was looking for something important. The air was filled with a pungent smell of vomit that was coming from the planter with the fake plant in it. "Get him some water," I told Harry. Harry nodded and swiftly left the room and came back with a paper cup filled with water. I handed it to Louis. He took is and drank it all. "Louis, sit down," I said to him. He slowly sat down on the sofa, kind of cringing as he sat. "What's the matter Lou?" Harry said, beating me to it. Louis just looked at us, opening his mouth to say something, but then closing it and looking down at the empty paper cup. We stayed silent for a moment, then I looked at Harry. He got up and gestured Niall and Zayn in, then shut the door. He placed a chair in front of it as a lock. 

"Louis, you can tell us what's wrong," I said. He looked up at us, then back down again, then up again as if he was going to say something, but no words came out. 



"Louis, we are here for you," Liam said. I knew that, and I was happy for that, but the words wouldn't come out of my throat. I felt sick. Not like a cough or cold, but like nauseated and nervous. "Does it involve... Mina?" Zayn said. Instantly my eyes let loose a waterfall of tears. I missed her. I missed her so much. Her face, her laugh, her smile, her presence... I didn't care about her age or what people would think, I just wanted her back. 

There was a knock at the door, "You're on in 5." I quickly wiped my tears away. "You think you'll be okay?" Niall asked. "Yeah... I'll be fine..." I said, not really sure. We all got up and Harry unblocked the door to let us out. I was feeling nervous and there were butterflies in my stomach. Was I getting stage fright? No, no I was going to be okay...



It was Saturday. The day I would sit with Cheryll  and watch Saturday cartoons with her on TV. The day we would go outside and act like 5 year old children and run around the park like maniacs. I missed her. Heck, I missed my old life. Well, not all of it, but most of it. Should I go back? As I pondered on the thought, Mom walked into my room, bringing me a tray filled with food. I sat up in bed, not really hungry, but I knew I had Mom worried sick. The day before, she had a meeting, and since she didn't usually work on Fridays, she was going to stay with me, but then couldn't. Dad told me how tense she looked when she came home, and almost pale like a ghost. 

"I made you your favorite, chocolate pancakes, the small kind you can hold," she said sounding tired. She sat down on my bed, in front of my feet and put the tray over my lap. (It was the kind that can stand by itself). I smiled at her and felt tears stream down my face. She looked up at me and immediately wiped the tears away. As she was taking her hand away, I took hold of it and looked her in the eye. "Mom, I'm okay," I forced out, my voice sounded like I was about to lose it. She looked at me surprised and shocked, but took it as a sign that I needed to be alone. She sadly smiled at me and got up. She kissed me on the forehead then left.

I listened to the sound of her footsteps fading as she went downstairs. I carefully got up and carried the tray to my window. I had recently discovered a hungry stray cat living in our neighborhood. I opened my window and saw him sitting patiently in the tree in front of my window. I held the plate full of pancakes out to him and he greedily ate at them. I smiled a little bit. He was a cute cat. He was a Siamese cat, brown and white like most were. As he finished the last bit of pancakes, I grabbed the cup of milk and held it out for him, putting the plate back on the tray. He drank it all so quickly. He purred at me, smiling the way cats do, and then curled up into a ball and fell asleep. I put the cup down and closed the window. I made my bead then walked into my closet. I instantly felt like crying when I saw the bear that Louis won for me on the floor. But I didn't cry, instead I picked it up and took it over to my bed, placing it nicely next to my pillow. It was a cute bear, even if it did bring back thoughts of Louis. I started to feel my emotions building up. I needed to let them out. I walked into the bathroom to do my thing, and let the red liquid take away my pain. Even though we broke up like 2 days before, I already had more than 20 little cuts on my left wrist. 

After the blood dried, I took all my clothes off and stepped into the shower. I took a cold shower, which didn't help me with anything, just made me more sick. After I was done with my shower I checked my phone. I  had gotten a text from Liam, 'After our performance, I need to talk to you.' That's when I walked into my room and turned on the TV. I switched to the channel they were on and just stood there, watching.



Just before we go on stage, I sent Mina a text, I needed to talk to her about the break up. If Louis was doing bad, was Mina doing worse? Since I knew about her past heartbreak  this could have made her worse, but I wasn't sure. Her parent's thought she was okay, but they seemed worried. We were all worried.

As we sang on stage, everyone was doing fine until we got to our 3rd song, 'Moments'. When it was Louis's solo, his voice was trembling and he had tears in his eyes. The crowd went completely silent, so I stepped in and sang his solo and the rest of us continued. At the end of the song, we made him sit down on the red sofa we usually had on stage and we finished singing the rest of the songs, without him. The crowd started to cheer again but not as loud. They knew something was wrong. 

We then answered a few Twitter Questions. They were all a bit funny and some were sweet. But we were shocked when we got one saying, 'Have Louis and Mina broken up? Is that why he's sad?' We checked the name. Cheryll. It sounded familiar. Whoever this was, knew about the relationship, and that meant it was no longer a secret. "Uhh..." I heard Harry say into his microphone. "Yeah..." The crowd that let out a few screams was dead silent again. The rest of us looked at Louis, his head down, body frame shaking a bit. He was crying. "Well I guess that's it for tonight! Happy to see you all," I said and the crowd started clapping and screaming again. By far that was one of the worst performances we had ever had. 

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