Age is Just a Number

What will happen when a heartbroken 15-year-old girl, Mina, gets to finally meet her favorite band of all time, One Direction, and falls in love with one of the boys? They are clearly all older than her so will she able to gain happiness or be heartbroken once again?


8. Special Schooling


As soon as Louis came over, I took him straight up to my room. We sat on the sofa with the junk food in our laps and tried to decide on a movie. "I don't want to watch anything scary," I said as I placed some movies on out on the floor in front of us. "I don't like them." He smiled at me, as if to assure me that it was okay. I smiled back. "Not to worry love, let's watch that," Louis said pointing over at Bambi 2. I smile as I pop it into the DVD player and join Louis back on the sofa. 

As soon as Mena, the other deer, was introduced and Bambi got mad at his father, I started to cry. I usually got emotional in a lot of Disney movies, and Bambi 2 was one of them. I felt Louis put and arm around me and I put my head to his chest. He started to play with my hair, which comforted me. How did he know? 

When the movie ended we just sat there, him holding me in his arms. I glanced at the clock on the DVD player, almost 10. I frowned. Louis must have noticed that I was upset because he held me tighter. "Louis," I said. "Don't go..." I held his hand. He let out a small laugh then cupped my chin and lifted my face up towards his. Then he leaned in and kissed me. I don't know how long we were like that, but it felt so good that we didn't want to break away. Unfortunately, humans have to breathe. "I'd better go..." Louis said, but I could hear it in his voice that he didn't want to go just yet. To make matters worse though, I yawned. "Yeah, I should go soon." He got up but I practically jumped at him, not wanting him to leave. I made a pouty face (I sucked at the whole puppy face thing) and he smiled. What he did next was unexpected though. He picked me up, bridal style, and walked me over to my bed. He slowly placed me on my bed and laid down beside me. My arms were around his neck while his were around my waist. I stared into his eyes as my heart started to beat faster. "I'll stay with you until you fall asleep," Louis said, quickly kissing my forehead. I smiled as I closed my eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep. 

"Wake up honey," I heard a voice say. I groaned and turned. "Honey, you have to get to school in 2 hours, and we all know how long you take to get ready." My eyes popped ope, there was Mom standing over me, waking me up. I picked up my phone to check the time. 8:00AM. "Mom, I go to school in 2 hours? But I don't even have my schedule or anything!" I said as I slowly got out of bed. "Mina, I'm taking you to school so we can do that, and you'll start today, I have to get to work later," Mom said as she laid a red striped white tee on my messy bed and a pair of red pants too. I took them with me into the bathroom and then took a shower. I got dressed then brushed my teeth and put my hair up in a messy bun. Walking back into my room I slipped on a pair of white Toms on my made bed. Mom must have made it while I was showering. I checked the clock. 9:00AM. I smiled. I could have breakfast with Mom and then we could leave. Dad must have already gone to work. That reminded me of Louis. I frowned.

"Mina!" Mom called, as if to warn me about my time. I sighed and reached for the jacket Louis gave me. I slid my arms through it and skipped downstairs. Mom and I talked a bit about what Louis and I did the night before. Mom is so supportive and always pushes me forward. "That's so cute honey... But I don't want you guys progressing so fast," she said going to the sink to rinse her coffee mug that was empty now. I got up too and handed her my plate that was once full of a Nutella sandwich. "Don't worry Mom," I said trying to reassure her that was not that kind of girl. It's sad to say, but to be completely honest with you, I was really slow when it came to relationships. I had gone out with a few guys before Derick, but I never kissed them. That's how slow I was. Derick and I had been going out for 1 year when I let him have my first kiss. If only I knew that I would Louis just a year later... But anyways, that's the farthest Derick and I got. Hand holding, hugging, and just a few kisses. Now I was going out with Louis and already we had kissed at least twice. 

"Okay come along Mina," Mom said. I looked up at her a little nervous. I felt like I was going to school too soon! "Don't worry, I already got you a backpack with all the things you'll be needing. I packed your lunch, but you'll need to do that by yourself from now on. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I put you in a somewhat private schooling, it's public, but it's only for students who come from different countries." I smiled. Mom knew just how to calm me down, and make me feel special. Since Mom is half French, I know some French, and since Dad is half Italian, I know some Italian. This was gonna be easy for me!

Mom took me to the school, which looked more like a small apartment complex and we went into the office, which looked more like a lobby with a door that had 'PRINCIPLE' on it. There was a lady at the desk in front of that door that was working on her computer. She looked to be in about her early 40's. She looked up at us and smiled. "Mrs. Wright, nice to see you again, I assume this is Mina?" she said giving me a friendly smile. She seemed nice. She had red hair and green eyes, with a few freckles here and there. "Yes, I just came to drop her off and finish up some of the paperwork that my husband came for yesterday," Mom said giving the lady a smile. The lady let her into the principle's office and then turned to me. "Okay sweetie, I need to see to it that I can pull someone out of their class to show you around," she said. She didn't have an English accent, but she did have an accent I did not recognize.  "The building is small, I bet you're thinking it's like an apartment, which it was. It's quite small and there have been a few changes done so it's not exactly like an apartment. Ah! Kylie!" I turned to see Kylie walk into the building with some papers in her hand. We smiled at each other and gave a little laugh. "Now what makes me think you two already know each other?" the lady said. "I can show her around if that's okay Mrs. Maine," Kylie said. "Sure," Mrs. Main replied. "You've been here for a week or two and know your way around."

I learned that there are only 52 students (including myself) enrolled into this small school so there are only two teachers, but there is only one class. Every subject the teacher switches. And there are rooms for almost everything. There is a small cafe downstairs near the office, the class is all of the first floor, the bathrooms are in the basement, the second floor is the art room and music studio, third floor is the sports equipment room, and then the roof is a garden area with two benches and a fence surrounding it to avoid anyone falling. There is a stair case that runs straight through all the floors without any doors to block it unless you are going to the roof or to the basement. They also have a little basketball court behind the building used for gym. 

There are around 60 desks in the class, with ten rows, 6 in each row. One of the walls is a huge whiteboard and the opposite wall has windows in it, looking down at the street in front of the school. Our backs face that. Kylie sat in one of the empty rows so I sat in the seat behind her. The teacher, Mr. Valt, looks like he's in his early 30's, and married. He seems cool and nice. 

"Hey," the kid next to me said. I turned to face him. He's nice looking. Nice tan, dark hair that's spiked up kind of like the way Zayn does his hair. He's slim but has some muscles, not big but somewhat noticeable. He has royal blue eyes, something that makes him stand out a lot and possibly attract a lot of attention to girl. He's wearing a black tee and grey jeans with black Vans. "Name's Kyle. What's your's again?" The teacher had said it, but maybe he didn't catch it. "M-My name's Mina," I said a bit nervously, feeling my face burn a bit. "Oh that's a nice name," Kyle said smiling. I smiled back. "Thanks, I like your name too," I said. Already I started school, and I was about to make a new friend.

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