Age is Just a Number

What will happen when a heartbroken 15-year-old girl, Mina, gets to finally meet her favorite band of all time, One Direction, and falls in love with one of the boys? They are clearly all older than her so will she able to gain happiness or be heartbroken once again?


1. My dad is a bodyguard for...?


"Mina, wake up," I heard a voice say to me. I slowly opened my eyes and there was my father opening the blinds. "Good morning Daddy," I said. He looked over at me and smiled.

I rubbed my eyes and tried to remember where I was. Oh yeah, I just moved back to London to live with my parents. My dad got a new job a year back and my parents moved to London. I was going to go too, but I had an amazing life in California. My cousins were there, my friends, and... my boyfriend Derick, the reason why I moved. He wasn't my boyfriend anymore, he had cheated on me for a super cute and terribly annoying 9th grader. We were in 10th grade but our relationship started in 8th grade.I got over him, kind of, but I couldn't bear with the pain to see him with another girl just yet so I decided to reunite with my parents and start a new life. 

"Darling I have to go to work soon, and your mother already left," Dad said to me. "Since no one's here to take care of you, you'll just have to come with me. So you can take a quick shower if you'd like." I groaned as he walked out of my room. I didn't feel like going anywhere, especially since it was 8:00AM and I got back the night before just around midnight. But I knew Dad wouldn't let me stay home alone, there always had to be someone with me, even if it was my granny who always went to sleep. Talk about protective.

I sighed and got out of my queen sized canopy bed. Even though it was bought a year ago, it was in mint condition. In fact everything in my room was. Since my parents were loaded with money, I got a huge room. It was like celebrity room huge, unlike the room I shared with my cousin Cheryll back home. That was half the size of this room, maybe even less. I had a walk in closet, a love seat that faced the wall with a flat-screen on it, a dresser that was 5 feet tall, a study desk with a laptop on it, a bookshelf filled with books and some CDs, and I even had my own bathroom. 

Quickly, I made my bed then walked over to my dresser and pulled out a towel and some under garments, then walked into my bathroom. I quickly showered then got changed into black sweatpants and a black 1D t-shirt. I loved One Direction. My cousin Cheryll introduced them to me when I first moved in with her family. I liked their songs, especially 'One Thing', which I got called a directioner for. But its my favorite so what can I say? I brushed my wet hair and then straightened it. My hair is a dark color of brown, but has a strange golden tint to it in the sunlight. It's also quite wavy, which annoys me a lot. Besides Derick liked straight hair. I felt tears in my eyes. I needed to forget about him...

"Mina!" Dad called, I could smell food. "I'll be right there!" I called back. I quickly wiped my eyes and went into my closet to grab a pair of red Toms to match with the writing on my shirt. I quickly descended the stairs and went into the kitchen. My father was making crepes at the stove, wearing a very girly apron. I couldn't help myself and started laughing. He turned and smiled at me, then looked at my shirt and frowned. I looked at him with a questioning stare. "I haven't told you about my job, have I?" I shook my head. He said a bad word under his breath. "Honey...I'm a bodyguard for..." I waited for his answer.

"I'm a bodyguard for... One Direction."

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