Age is Just a Number

What will happen when a heartbroken 15-year-old girl, Mina, gets to finally meet her favorite band of all time, One Direction, and falls in love with one of the boys? They are clearly all older than her so will she able to gain happiness or be heartbroken once again?


2. Kevin, where are you?


I couldn't believe how calmly I was sitting in the car while Dad was driving us to see One Direction. I could remember how he told me he was their bodyguard. Inside I was jumping with joy and doing flips, but on the outside I was controlling myself. I told myself that if I ever meet One Direction, I would not fangirl. 

"So sweetie, aren't you excited?" Dad said. He was smiling ready to laugh at me if I went fan-crazy at that second. But I just turned my head to look at him and smiled, "Of course, but I'm also nervous." Dad let out a small chuckle. Even though we had lived so far away from each other, we managed to keep our relationship intact. "But Daddy, I'm curious about something. How come you don't live with the boys if you're their bodyguard?" He stopped at a stoplight, then looked at me with a friendly smile. "Honey, they have more bodyguards too. Like Paul, he's usually with them everyday, I see them almost everyday, like on the weekends I don't have to go see them, unless its an emergency." I nodded my head in response at he started to drive again. I was happy to know how protected and safe the boys were. I was especially happy to know Dad was taking care of them. Out of both my parents, he's more protective than Mom. 

Though, knowing my father is a bodyguard, its kind of funny. He doesn't really look like a body guard. He looks more like a mix of Brad Pitt and Ashton Kutcher. His hair is short, and a reddish-brown, but has a little ducktail. He's lean but also toned, so he's pretty strong. He's also a bit tan so his crystal blue eyes stand out a lot. And he has a perfect smile. He's also 6'1". I know it's kind of weird to say, but I have to admit, my dad is pretty attractive. He and my mom were a perfect match. She was a strawberry-blonde, with green eyes and an amazing body! Her hair was magically straight and ended just past her shoulder blades. Her skin was a pale kind of tan, not commonly seen but only some people could look amazing with it. Her height was just shy of 6 feet. I have no clue how they ended up with me. My hair is how I had mentioned earlier, and my eyes are a soft red-brown color that have an innocent effect. My hair is longer than my mother's, ending at the middle of my back. I have 5'4", flat chested and cursed with a small but noticeable butt that usually gets me harassed. I'm just happy I have a smile like theirs, even if I did have to go through 2 years of braces. And I'm a light tan.

"Honey we're here," Dad said as he stopped the car and started to unfasten his seat belt. We arrived to a concert hall, so I was guessing the boys had to do rehearsals or practice. I stepped out of the car and followed Dad into the building. 



"Harry! Do you know where I left Kevin?" I said to Harry as the stylist was talking to him. I was so bored just waiting for the lads to get ready for the practice we had to do. Harry still needed to get his outfit for next week's concert while Liam, Zayn, and Niall went to go try on their outfits. Harry gave me a look as if to tell me to wait. I stuck my tongue out at him and went to look for Kevin myself. I was glad I was already done with my outfit and didn't really have anything to do but wait for the boys to finish, but it was really boring. I went out onto the stage and looked out to into the empty crowd and smiled. I was going to scream 'Superman!' but then the double doors just ahead of me opened, letting in Stanley, one of our bodyguards, and a small and quite attractive teen girl. "Stanley!" I yelled and jumped down from the stage to greet him. "Hello Louis," he said with a friendly smile. Man I loved this guy. He was young, cool and always knew where Kevin was. "Stanley, it's tragic. I lost Kevin," I said to him faking a cry. "it's okay son, I'll find him," he said putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Kevin," said a quiet but high pitched yelp. We both turned and looked at the girl. She was wearing a One Direction shirt so clearly she was a fan. She didn't really resemble Stanley, so maybe she just snuck in and he didn't notice? But I quickly thought different when she shyly hid herself behind Stanley. I gave Stanley a questioning look. "Louis, this is my daughter Mina," he said to me. Daughter? I didn't know he had a kid, and one that was quite adorable."H-Hi..." Mina said quietly, looking at me but still behind her father. "Well hello! I'm Louis, but I bet you know that," I said cheerfully. "Why don't we go meet the others then, shall we?" I took a few steps back, gesturing for her to follow me. She quickly looked up at Stanley and he nodded, even let out a chuckle. Mina smiled and then followed me.

After I helped her climb up the stage, the other lads walked onto the stage and stopped, curious of Mina. "Lads, this is Mina, Stanley's daughter," I smiled introducing her to them. "Hello Mina," they said in unison. She did what she had done to her father, and hid behind me, kind of clinging to my shirt. "Don't be shy," Harry said. "We don't bite... uh... except for Niall...he might..." We all laughed and Mina let out a little giggle. It was kind of cute. "So Mina, how come we only get to know about you now?" Zayn asked curiously. We all turned to look at her. She had stopped clinging to me so it was easy for me to do so. "Uh-um... Well... I was living in California and just came to London yesterday," she said. Her accent was crisp, and not so girly like those 'OMG-girl!' kind of accents. Her voice was so sweet. "Wow! That's so far away! How did you manage?" Liam asked, kind of amazed. I noticed Mina looked a little tired, but maybe it was the light. "Oh well, I was living with my cousin's family, so my aunt and uncle took care of me," she said. "And my parents always called twice a week, so we stayed in touch. We also FaceTimed a lot." Niall was about to ask her something, but she started to wobble and and fell over. "Mina!" we all gasped and noticed that the small girl just fainted.


I slowly opened my eyes as I felt the pain at the back of my head. I cringed and sat up. "Oh good you're awake," I heard Dad say. I was laying down on a sofa in a place that looked like a dressing room. "What happened?" I groaned as I looked at Dad. "Well, you must have been so excited to see the boys that you fainted," he said, making my face burn with embarrassment. Did I really meet them and faint? In this outfit?!? I groaned again and closed my eyes. "It's okay sweetie, anyways, I need to get back to work," Dad said. "If you'd like, you can stay here, and then we can go home." I smiled and  laid back down onto the sofa. I heard my Dad leave and closed my eyes, but then opened them when I heard someone walk in. "Why hello there, cutie," Louis said to me. I quickly sat straight up. Not a smart move. "Whoa! Easy there partner, don't want you to hurt yourself." I noticed how good he looked, in a striped shirt and red trousers. I couldn't believe I was so close to Louis Tomlinson. And he called me cutie! "Sorry to bother you, I just wanted to check it Kevin was in here," Louis said with a smile. I turned my head looking for him also. I spotted him in a pot that held a small tree, most likely fake.

"Oh Kevin, where are you?" Louis said. I pointed to the pot and said, "There he is." He turned around quickly and picked up Kevin. "Ah! Kevin, do you know how worried sick I was with you missing?" he said, then made fake pigeon noises as if it were really Kevin. I let out a small giggle. He looked at me and smiled. I stopped and just shyly smiled. I hated when I was being shy, why couldn't I be not-shy and more fun? "mind if we sit with you?" Louis said, petting the plastic pigeon's head. "N-Not at all!" I said bringing my knees up. He sat down and smiled. "So tell me about yourself, Mina. Like how come you stayed in California while your parents were here?" I sat there kind of frozen. "Um...well..there was this guy...and..." before I could say anymore my eyes teared up and I was crying.

"Oh I'm sorry," Louis said. He scooted closer to me and rubbed my back with his hand, trying to comfort me. "Thanks," I said after I stopped crying and wiped my tears. I looked at him and smiled. 

"Louis!" we heard a voice that sounded like Liam's call out. "I'm in here!" Louis said and soon afterwards Liam walked in. "Louis we are about to st-... LOUIS! Did you make Mina cry?" Liam said and rushed over to me. "Are you okay? He didn't hurt you did he?" I smiled at him reassuringly. Louis jumped up from the sofa. "Hey! I would never hurt a lady!" he said offended, but in a joking manner. I giggled at his silliness. "Uh, Louis we have to go practice now," Liam said. Louis nodded and turned to me, "Why don't you join us?" I nodded and followed them out the room.


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