Age is Just a Number

What will happen when a heartbroken 15-year-old girl, Mina, gets to finally meet her favorite band of all time, One Direction, and falls in love with one of the boys? They are clearly all older than her so will she able to gain happiness or be heartbroken once again?


13. It's over.


"I'm 15 years old," Mina said, her face totally calm as she said it. "What?" I said, confused. "Why didn't anyone tell me..." Her face changed, from calm, to alarmed. I stood up, I was totally shocked. 15? I'm 20... She's so young!!! How could I let this happen? "Louis?" I heard Mina say as I looked at the ground, mortified. "Louis... I wanted to tell you...last night even, but I was too scared of what would happen..." My throat felt like it was swollen and I couldn't swallow. She reached out and touched my arm, and in an instant I pulled away. She was too young... what was she doing?

"How could you hide it from me..." I said. I was fully aware that she was a fan of the band, but didn't think that she'd be crazy like some of them. Maybe she wasn't one of the sane ones? "Louis...I-I was afraid..." Mina said. I glared at her, which must have scared her because she stepped back. In an instant tears formed in her eyes. She began to cry, sob really, and I felt a moment of guilt and reached out to comfort her. I caught myself and pulled away and walked straight for the door. I could hear Liam and Harry yelling at me, but I didn't care. I had just been deceived by a girl I thought I loved. 

I walked out the front door, not daring to turn back, and turned on my car. I started to drive, not knowing where I was going.



I fell to the floor and started crying, loudly. Usually I tried to stay away from crying loudly because I hated being so loud, but I couldn't help it. My heart was cracking, breaking, melting... The guy I had fallen in love with, the guy who made me move on, was now gone and no longer mine. "Mina!" I heard Harry shout as I started to feel faint. He knelt down beside me and laid me down. "Liam! Liam come quick!" I could hear footsteps, they sounded like they were running. I heard a mumbling sound. It sounded as if it was saying his name. Then I felt my lips go numb and the mumbling stopped. "Mina!"


I woke up in my bed and rolled onto my side to check the clock. 9:45PM. "You are awake," I heard a feminine voice say. My head was throbbing as I turned to see Mom sitting at the edge of my bed, looking worried. I was about to ask what had happened, but the I spotted Liam sleeping on the sofa, and instantly the memory flashed into my head. Louis looking upset and walking out on me. My eyes were stinging, and tears slowly fell down my face. "Honey, would you like some food? Water?" Mom said. She looked tired. I shook my head at her offer and laid back in bed and pulled the covers over my head. In an instant, I was asleep.

It was dark, like a rainy day. I stood in a raincoat on the beach and was standing behind a huge palm tree. In front of me was ... Derick and a blonde little ninth grader. I heard her name once, Claire, a somewhat perfect name for her. She was in a turquoise rain coat, it made her crystal blue eyes sparkle on her soft tan skin. Her hair was straight, and long, almost down to her butt. Her legs poked out from her super short shorts and were kind of curvy, like the rest of her body. She was like a little sexy looking doll. 

Next to Derick's finely tanned body, with his black hair and green eyes, they looked adorable. Yet, they also looked a bit weird. His height was clearly taller than hers and her head was just below his chin. He held an umbrella over their heads so the rain couldn't harm them. They leaned closed to each other, and I could feel my heart race. They got so close that they started kissing. I stood there terrified and felt the tears stream down my face. But my tears went unnoticed and mixed with the rain. 

All of a sudden, everything went black, and then I could see a white, somewhat ghostly looking figure standing in front of me. He looked familiar. I took a few steps toward him, but the distance between us didn't change, so I stood there and watched. Four boys came running and tackled him, started playing with him. No, they were trying to do something else, maybe hurt him. "Louis..." I heard my own voice say. Louis pushed the boys off him, and they vanished. Then he looked at me, glaring. "Louis!" I screamed. I ran towards him, and this time I caught up to him. "Louis!" He turned around and looked furious. I stopped dead in my tracks, scared. "You lied to me... I don't love you anymore... Go away!" he yelled at me. Slowly he started to fade away and I started screaming for him to come back, calling his name as if it would help.

"Mina!" I heard Liam say as he started to shake me to wake up. I was gasping for air and clung onto him as if he were my last chance of survival. "Shh... It was just a dream... It's okay... It's okay..." He held me in his arms and rocked me back and forth on my bed. Slowly, I started to calm down. Liam wiped the tears from my face with his thumb. "Don't worry, I'm still here for you," Liam said, smiling softly, although I could hear how terrified I made him in his voice. He started to get up but I grabbed his hand and gently pulled him back down. He looked at me. "Don't leave me..." I said in a choked whisper. Through the moonlight I could see him smile again and nod. I rolled over on my bed to make room for him. He laid down beside me and held me in his arms as I snuggled into his chest and he played with my hair. 



I heard a whimper and instantly opened my eyes. There was Mina, laying in my arms peacefully as she slept. She looked cold so I pulled the blanket that was at our feet over her and tucked her in. She seemed to relax a bit, now that the cold, still air was no longer able to touch her skin. I stood up and was about to walk away, when I felt a soft tug on my shirt. I looked down to see that she was still holding onto me from the night before. I frowned. I knew I shouldn't stay and needed to ask Harry about Louis, but it pained me to know what she had just gone through. I also felt guilty. If I had told Louis everything about Mina clearly in the beginning, it wouldn't have to come to this. I took hold of her hand and carefully released it from my shirt and placed it under the blanket. 

I walked into her bathroom and shut the door, quietly, but didn't lock it. I pulled out my phone and quickly dialed Harry's number. "Hello?" he said. "Harry, it's Liam. Any news about Louis?" I said. There was silence on the other end. Then Harry said, "He went out to a bar last he's having the worst hangover ever..." I could hear the worry in his voice. It made me worried! "Okay, let me just come home and I'll talk to him and we can talk to Management later, but for now, tell Paul we need to attend practice at a later time," I said. Harry agreed to the plan and hung up. I quickly used the bathroom and then washed my face, cleaned my mouth with some mouthwash. I walked back into Mina's room only to find her sound asleep on her bed. I didn't want to wake her, and it was already late, so I just wrote down a note for her and left it on top of her phone.

I walked downstairs, not wanting to disturb anyone. I sat in front of the door and started to wear my shoes, but spotted Mr. Wright in the kitchen, looking tired and upset. I didn't know what to say to him, but he spotted me and said, "Good morning Liam." I smiled at him and said, "Same to you." He sighed and grabbed his car keys from the kitchen counter. "Piper's going to get angry at me if I leave Mina alone, but I need to get you to practice," he said. I kind of frowned knowing how worried he was, and by the sound of his voice he didn't think he could be useful to his daughter. "Let me just see if she wants to come along..." Mr. Wright walked up the stairs, but came back down a few minutes later, looking disappointed. "She doesn't want to come..." He sighed as I gave him a small reassuring smile. 



I heard Dad and Liam leave. I groaned and reached for my phone. On top of it there was a note from Liam, apologizing for leaving. I heaved a sigh. Liam was such a nice person, but I couldn't stand how nice he was being to me. I felt like I didn't deserve it. I lied to Louis, I deceived him, I should have told him before anything was to happen between us. But I didn't and I just ruined everything. My eyes were stinging a lot, but not like they were tearing up... more like they couldn't get the tears out. My eyes had gone dry. I looked at my phone and turned it on. My screensaver was the boys and they were smiling. I felt like my heart was shriveling up inside. I quickly unlocked my phone and changed the screensaver. Then I got up from my bed and went straight to the bathroom. 

I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed how puffy my eyes were. But I didn't care... I was a liar, a deceiver... I was stupid... I was young... I stripped myself of my clothes and stepped into the shower. I turned on the cold water and gasped as it hit my skin like ice, and I wanted to get away, but part of my body was telling me to stay and take it as a wake up call. After my cold shower I wrapped my self in a towel and looked myelf in the mirror again. I stared at myself and said, "Why didn't you tell him?" My reflection stared back at me and said 'Why didn't YOU tell him? Didn't you LOVE him?' I cringed at the question. She was right. It was my fault for falling in love with Louis, and it was my fault for not telling him my age sooner. Wait... when did age have anything to do with love?

I was about to snap out of everything and become angry at Louis, but then I knew I couldn't. It made sense too. I couldn't be with him because people would think lowly of him and target him as pedophile. In that case, I was going to ruin his life! I could feel the pressure building inside me and felt like I needed to cry, but my eyes were dry, and I wanted to scream but my throat was dry. 

There was only one thing left to do. I opened my bathroom drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors. I held my left wrist up and placed the sharp pair of shiny metal against it. In one swift motion, I had cut my wrist and blood was oozing out. It didn't hurt... but it felt, good. I felt relieved. I felt... okay.

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