I Wont Give Up

This story is about a girl named Starr and she bumps into Harry Styles and then they get together until.......

Read On To Find Out Love You All


2. Woah!

I was walking while writing but something felt really wrong. Maybe I was just nervous from my mother going out?! I don't know. Right when I was about to finsh I got bumped into by some guy and fell on my butt. My book went right towards him and he read it and asked me" Are you that mad? Maybe. Can I have my book back? Tell me your name. Why? Or else you won't get your book." I stood back and ran,jumped, fliped and caught my book." Ha. I got my book. How did you do that. I am a gymnast and an athlete. WOW. I know. My name is Harry Styles and your name love? Starr Andrews. Well Starr, would you like to come to my house and hang out for a bit. Sure. Just stay right here and let me grab my stuff.Why do you need your stuff. I am going to a hotel later so I might as well bring my stuff. Well if you want you could come with me untill you find something or so. I would be inturding. No! Well, fine." I ran up to my door and flipped in so Harry would be impressed.   

Harry's POV

She was beautilful.

Starr's POV

I grabbed all my money, all my clothes, all my makeup and my cell phone, IPhone, IPod Touch and IPad with me.


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