I Wont Give Up

This story is about a girl named Starr and she bumps into Harry Styles and then they get together until.......

Read On To Find Out Love You All


6. The Text

So when I arrived at my house I got a text from Harry and it said " Hey Stacy , Babe haven't seen or spoke to you in a while how 'bout you come ova and have some fun. How do ya like the sound of that.;]" OMG! I knew I was just a joke. I was played like a fool. Look here is another text from HIM. " Umm Sorry Starr wrong number." I texted back " Yea Harry you're sorry? Well don't you ever text me or call me or even talk to me!" I was so pissed. Thats it. I am moving, changing my number and NEVER talking to him again. I knew popstars were stuck up people. I am so sorry from the girls he has played. I feel like an idiot. I should of thought about it. I am upstairs packing because it feels like I don't belong here.Ever since my sister Bella died things haven't been the same. Well two suitcases and 3 carry ones. WOW! I don't have much. I left a note to my mom if she ever reads it. Well I bought a ticket to Holmes Chapel because it's apparently its better than anywhere else. I use to live in Doncaster but then I met Harry. So hopefully it will be a new start here and I am so glad that I finshed school and my birthday was yesterday , so now I am 19. Well it's time to board. I checked in and then I  went on the plane. My ticket was A12. So after I found it I sat down. Then this curly haired boy sat down. He looks like Har- Oh shit! It is Harry! Oh god, oh god ,oh god!!!! Then he turned around and he saw me . Great.

Harry's POV

Is that Starr? " Hey, it that you Starr? Um Yea. Hey so how come you haven't been answering my phone calls or texts? I changed my number and I don't have yours. Oh OK. So why are you going to Holmes Chapel? To start over. You? Oh just to stay with my family. So where do you live now ? Umm....99 A50. Oh cool we will be neighbours! Oh great." She said. I don't think that she is so hapy about that. Something is wrong and I think I like Starr. I have to win her heart before anyone else does.

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