I Wont Give Up

This story is about a girl named Starr and she bumps into Harry Styles and then they get together until.......

Read On To Find Out Love You All


1. The Boring Day

So today I have to go to Starbucks and get me a French Vanilla Latte because my parents are driving me crazy.My mom and dad broke up and now my mom is trying to fine someone else but I dont agree. She has this friend and he came over to the house and she kissed him. I was torn apart. I couldn't move and I felt like the whole world was crashing down on me and I was just falling apart. If you ever had this happen to you. I am so sorry. My life just felt like she was trying to replace my dad but I cant live like this and it killes me to think about and tell the whole world. So I write it in my journal. Its full of the worst times of my life. I never had a brother or a sister to talk to, so I would go to school and talk to Vivian and Cammy. They understand because they are going threw what I am. It hurts so much when my mom kissed her "friend." I want my mom to be happy but when it comes down to this I lose it. I don't want to lose my mom but if she does find a boyfriend than I am GONE for good. She just left now to go out on a "movie date" with her "friend". Its annoying when you're mother just goes and doesn't give a care to the world where she is going. I feel like I am just going to die of the pain but I keep taking it in.

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