I Wont Give Up

This story is about a girl named Starr and she bumps into Harry Styles and then they get together until.......

Read On To Find Out Love You All


8. Landing

Well I am glad that the flight is almost over and then I have to face him for the rest of my life. Wow! I didn't realized that we are going to be neighbours. I really hate him. He lead me on and then BAM! By accident he sends a text to the wrong person. I don't know if I can trust him again but I have to remember YOLO!!! LOL! I live by that because you only have 1 life so live it right! I am a party girl and I am a level 10 gymnast and I was the cheer leader caption in my old school. So I was dating the football captain. Yea, there are a lot of things that you guys don't know about me. So on with Harry, I really liked him but then he has the nerve to break my heart! That is really mean so yea. I was supposed to go to Holmes Chapel to start over but turns out I'm not so yeah. 



A/N Hey guys, sorry this is short. Its because I am at school and can't stay on the mac forever so yea, I'm updated again today after school. So yeah stay tuned. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

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