I Wont Give Up

This story is about a girl named Starr and she bumps into Harry Styles and then they get together until.......

Read On To Find Out Love You All


4. Harrys's House

Well we arrived at Harry's house and then he says " I am so sorry for not talking to you but its just ...... its just that I think I like you." I froze and I didn't even blink. My mouth was hanging open in shock until I came back to earth. He likes ME! "Harry don't make a mistake. I am not worth it. I am not pretty, I am fat and I am not a model. You don't have to be a model to date me. You are skinny and you are not pretty, you're beatuiful. When I bumped into you and looked at your amaZAYN face all I saw was beauty." I don't know how to tell Harry that I just broke up with my boyfriend and I am not ready to be in a relationship because I am scared that he will leave me. Like my last boyfriend.

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