On Tour With One Direction (Harry Styles Love Story)


6. The Next Day

I woke up to the smell of bacon and maple syrup at 7 o' clock on a Saturday morning. Harry must be cooking breakfast I was still cloth less from last night. So I sat up with my bed sheet wrapped around me. We must have had a rough one last night because my bed was destroyed.  I looked at my floor and mine and Harry's clothes were still on the floor from last night.

        I grabbed my clothes and slipped them on and went to the kitchen to find Harry cooking at the stove. Naked.  I just stood there for a minute. Just staring at him.

        He must have heard me come down the stairs because he turned around, with a spatula in his hand and said, "Good morning Love. Did you sleep well last night?" He asked with a grin.

        "Boy did I." I said with a smile. "Last night was one of the best nights of my life."

        "Good. Do you want some breakfast?" He asked while showing me what he was cooking.

        "Sure. That would be great." I said. "But Harry...'' I said and he turned around again.


        "Why are you naked?" I said as I chuckled.

        "I don't know. I just thought it would be fun to cook naked." He said. And I just stood there and laughed a little.

        "Okay. There's nothing wrong with that." I said.

        Harry had just got finished with flipping the last egg. Then he brought two huge plates of bacon, eggs, pancakes, and toast. I looked at them in awe.

        "You don't expect me to eat all of that do you?" I asked as I pointed to the huge plate of breakfast.

        "Well I was hoping you would get something in that tiny belly of yours." He said, poking at my tummy.

        "Okay. I'll eat something but I can't promise you that I will eat every single piece of food that's on the plate."

        With that said we both sat down at the dining table and ate. We ate until we couldn't eat no more.

        "So what do you want to do today?" Harry asked me as we sat down in the living room on one of the couches.

        "Well... Maybe we could go to the mall?" I asked.

        "If that's what you want to do then that's what we will do. But only if you want to."

        "Yeah. Let's go to the mall."

        "Okay. Um... I don't think it's legal to go to the mall naked. So... I think I'll get dressed first before we go."

        "Yeah." I said, chuckling. "Go get dressed.

        Harry went up to my room and returned 10 minutes later with the same clothes on that he wore last night. He never brought an extra pair of clothes.

        "Alright. Are you ready now?" I asked him while grabbing his car keys. "I'm driving right?"

        "If you're sure you can handle my Ferrari."

        "Oh I'm sure." I said in a playful voice.

        We got into his lovely car and we drove to the mall. It was a 30 minute drive so we arrived after a whole bunch of people have already showed up. The parking lot was packed. I couldn't find a parking spot. I drove around the parking lot 5 times. I still couldn't find a spot. But this one truck was backing out so I just waited. After the truck fully backed out and drove away I parked into the spot.

        Harry and I walked into the mall while holding hands. A couple of fans walked up to him and asked for pictures. I had to stand off to the side so that I didn't get in the pictures. After 10 minutes of picture taking and autograph signing, we finally got into the mall.

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