On Tour With One Direction (Harry Styles Love Story)


10. Telling Them The News

My parents came home. Two days later. It was late when the arrived. They came home sooner than I expected they would.

        "What are you guys doing home early?" I said.

        "Yeah. The job interviews ended faster than we expected they would." Mum said.

        " It was gorgeous in Ohio." Dad said.

        "Well that's good I guess." I said

        "Yeah." he said as he was dragging in his luggage. "Why don't you give your mother and I a hand and help us bring in some of these suit cases."

        I replied with a sigh. I went out to the car and grabbed the rest of the luggage.

        "Here you go. " I said as I dropped them on the floor of their bedroom.

        "Thank you sweetheart." My dad said.

        I still haven't told my parents about mine and Harry's relationship. I need to do it soon before they find out from someone else. They hate when they have to find out things from someone else when it has something to do with me. They'd rather have me tell them myself than having to find out through other people. And the whole school knows about it. So anyone could have told them. So I think now is the time to tell them.

        "Um.. Mum.. Dad? Can I talk to you guys for a second?" I asked, a little nervous.

        "Sure Sweetheart." Dad said.

        "Okay." I said as I took a deep breath. "I don't know how to put this but... Harry and I are dating." I said in a quick voice and plugged my ears, getting ready for the screaming.

        "That's great Hunny!" Mum said.

        "It is?" I asked in a confused voice.

        "Yeah! Of course it is! You guys are perfect for each other!" Dad said. "And besides.. Harry already got my permission first." he said in a whisper voice.

        "He did!?" I said in a surprised tone. "How come he didn't tell me?" I said with an angry look on my face.

        "Hey now don't be mad. We approve of the two of you dating. So that's something to be happy about."

        "I know but I wish he would have told me that though."

        No one said anything after that for a couple of minutes.

        "Well... I'm gonna go upstairs and go to bed. I got school tomorrow. Good night. Love you guys." I said as I walked out of their room and up the stairs.

        When I got in my room I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Kalee. The text said:

        *To: Kalee*
        OMG! You would not believe this...

        It didn't take her long to respond. My phone buzzed.


        What?! What!? Tell meee!!

        I wrote her a text back telling her what happened with my parents and what Harry did.

        Buzz. Went my phone a minute later.



        Omg! Congratz on the approval! And that's so sweet of Harry 2 ask them 1st. I gtg 2 bed talk 2 u 2morrow.

        My phone was going dead. So I plugged it in to the charger and hopped into bed.

        Should I say something to Harry about it? Or should I just leave it alone?

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