On Tour With One Direction (Harry Styles Love Story)


7. Shopping

We went to Holister first. I had to get a couple new outfits to update my wardrobe. And Harry didn't mind me stopping to get some. We spent about 20 minutes there looking for clothes. But I didn't find anything I liked so we just moved on. We didn't want to spend all day looking. We wanted to enjoy our selves.

        We continued to walk around the mall. We stopped at the cafe to get a drink and sit down to talk.

        We talked about random things. We were probably there for about an hour.

        "Babe?" I said in a slow but caution voice.

        "Yes love?"

        "Do you ever wanna have kids someday?" I asked.

        "Well.. Of course I do. I would love to."

        "Hmm.." I said as I put my elbow on the table and put my head into the palm of my hand.

        "Why?" He said. A little concerned.

        "Just wondering I guess."

        "Ashley! Is that you?" I heard a familiar voice ask.

        I turn around to see Kalee and Niall walking into the Cafe. Holding hands.

        "What are you two doing hear?" Niall asked.

        I got up to give Kalee a hug.

        "Just having a drink and shopping." Harry said in a tired voice.

        "Niall and I are dating now!" Kalee scream/whispered to me.

        "Yay!" I whispered back.

        We all sat down together at a table that was made for four people. We sat and chatted for a while. It was 1:30 already. I wanted to finish shopping before the HUGE crowd hit.

        "Baby.." I whispered in Harry's ear so that Kalee and Niall wouldn't here. "Can we continue shopping now? I wanna finish before the huge crowd hits."

        "Sure. Anything for you my love." He whispered back to me. "Guys we gotta go and finish our shopping before the crowd hits. It was nice chatting with you two. See you on Monday." He said with a smile.

        I got up from my seat and gave them both a hug.

        "Bye guys!" They said. They waved as we were walking out of the cafe.

        When we finished the rest of our shopping we went back to my house to chill out.

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