On Tour With One Direction (Harry Styles Love Story)


1. New Students

It was an average school day at Baltimore High. Everyone was rushing and scattering to get to class when the bell rang. Like usual. I'm not that fast at getting my things gathered. So, I ended up being late for class. When i got into class, I quickly and quietly got to my assigned seat. But nothing gets passed Mrs. Hardwood.

"Late for class again aren't you Ms. Beckland?" She said.

    Yes my last name is Beckland. My name is Ashley Beckland. I have long brunette hair , brown eyes, and a tendency of getting to class late everyday.

"Unfortunately, yes Mrs. Hardwood. I am so-" I said not getting to finish my sentence.

"It's too late for apologies, Ashley. I'm going to have to write you up again for this."

I sighed. "Do what you have to do."

    So I just sat there staring into space while she stood there in front of the class flapping her lips about history, while all of a sudden the most gorgeous guys walked into the classroom. There were five of them!

"Can I help you gentlemen?" Mrs. Hardwood asked in an irrated voice.

"Um.. Yes actually.. We're new here. We came from the United Kingdom." The blonde one said.

"You probably already heard of us before.. We're One Direction." Louis said.

    And that's when I shot straight up in my seat. I just realized who they were.

"This is Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam. And I'm Harry." Harry explained.

    OMG! I can't believe One Direction is actually going to be attending the same school as me!

"Hmm.. Why yes I have heard of you five lovely lads before. You guys can take a seat anywhere if you'd like. We were just talking about some important historic dates." Mrs. Hardwood said.

    Niall, Liam, and Zayn sat in the front row next to my best friend, Kalee. And Harry and Louis sat the last empty seats in the back row that were on each side of mine.
    Me and Kalee exchanged an excited look. We both couldn't believe that this is actually happening right now.
    As class continued on with the boring subject, everyone seemed to act pretty normal even when there was five extremely talented celebrities that were sitting in the same room as them. Except for my and Kalee of course. We just could not concentrate at all. Not like we could of concentrated before, but this time it seemed way harder because our idols were sitting right next to us. And yes if you couldn't tell already, we are huge One Direction fans. Well we are more than that. We are directioners.

    "Excuse me. Can I please borrow a pencil? I seemed to have left mine in my locker." Harry asked me.

    I sat there for a minute just staring at him. Noticing every little facial feature he had on his face and admiring the way he looked in person. I must have taken a little too long because I was then interrupted by a "Are you okay?" he asked.

    "Oh. Um. Yeah. Sorry. Here you go. My name is Ashley." I said, giving him one of my pencils.

    "Thank you, Ashley."

    "Anytime." I said while blushing insanely.

            The bell finally rang, indicating that class was over. Kalee and I followed the boys to their lockers.
"So, How do you boys like Baltimore High so far?" Kalee asked.

        "We absolutely love it. And the girls here are really gorgeous" Niall said, winking at her. Niall was Kalee's favorite. So she must have loved that.

        "What about you Harry? What do you think?" I asked.
        Changing the subject, "Did it hurt?" Harry asked me.

        "Did it hurt?" I asked, a little confused. "Did what hurt?"

        "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Cause' you look like an angel."

        Instead of saying anything in reply, I just stood then blushing. Did Harry Styles just flirt with me?! Or was I hallucinating?

        "Hey!" Zayn said, interrupting my thoughts. "That's a good idea!" Moving out of the huddle that Him , Louis and Liam were in.

We all stood there waiting for him to continue on with telling us.

        "We are going on tour next month and Liam, Louis, and I thought it would be a good idea if you both lovely ladies would come on tour with us. Do you guys want to?" He finished saying.

        Before we could answer Harry and Niall said "That's a great idea! You both should totally come with us!"
Not hesitating at all we both said at the same time, "Yes! We defiantly would love to go with you guys!"

        "It's one of my dreams to go with you guys on tour." I added.

        "Great!" They all said at once.

       "I'll give you guys our numbers so that we can text you the details about the tour." Liam said.

        "How about you guys come to my house tonight for dinner so you guys can meet my parents" I asked.
        "Sounds great" Niall said in that same cute and adorable Irish accent.

        "We will be there." Louis said, in a quite confident manner.

        After Liam gave me and Kalee each of their numbers. I almost screamed. I could not believe this was actually happening. I honestly thought it was a dream. And they were actually going to be in my house!

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