On Tour With One Direction (Harry Styles Love Story)


2. Dinner

Me and Kalee were up in my room getting ready for the boys to come when the door bell rang. We both rushed down the stairs and to the door. We were greeted by the boys that were wearing black tuxedos with grey trousers.

        "You guys look amazing!" Kalee said.

        "So don't the both of you" They said in reply.

        I was wearing a low cut aeropostale t-shirt and short-shorts with my converse all stars. Kalee was wearing a red polo shirt and short holister shorts with flip flops. I didn't think that I looked good at all.

        When we all got settled down at the dinner table, my mom started to introduce herself. "My name is Katherine Beckland and this is my husband Bob Beckland." She said pointing to my dad. "And we are Ashley's parents" she added.

        "Nice to meet you. We're One Dire-" Harry began to say.

        "We know. Ashley talks about you guys constantly." My dad interrupted.

        "Dad!" I yelled in embarrassment.

        "It's okay" Harry chuckled. "We get that a lot. We have a lot of supportive fans out there."

        "That is always a good thing" My mom said.

        "Yeah it is because without them we wouldn't be where we are today." Zayn said.

        "Well... Should we start to eat?" Mum said.

        "Yes!" Niall yelled. "I'm starving!"

        "What Niall meant to say is yes please." Liam said while 'shhing' Niall.

        "Alright. I'll go get the chicken out of the oven." she said while laughing.

        "My favorite." Zayn said.

        My mom went into the kitchen and returned with 2 large chickens. Already cooked of course.

        We all munched down. When we all finished we went into the living room to talk.

        "I don't mean to be rude or anything but may I use the bathroom?" Harry kindly asked.

        "Sure. I'll show you where it is." I said.

        Harry and I walked up the stairs and down the hall.

        "There it is." I said pointing to the bathroom.

        "Thank you." he said in that slow British accent of his.

        I waited for him to get out of the bathroom so that i could show him the way back down the stairs and back into the living room.

        A couple of minutes later, he came out of the small bathroom.

        "All better?" I asked.

        "Yes. Much better." he said.

        As we were walking towards the stairs, Harry noticed my room and asked, "Is that your room?"

        "Yeah." I said.

        "May I have a look inside?"


        We walked in my room and the first thing you see is loads of One Direction pictures and posters pinned up on my walls. I felt extremely embarrassed.

        "You must be a big fan." he said.

        "I am." I said. My face a little red. And in that one second ... one of my dreams came true... Harry kissed me.. Long and hard. I couldn't even explain how good it was. It was so passionate that he even took my breathe away. When he kissed me I felt like we were the only two people on Earth.

        "You're a good kisser." I said while smiling like an idiot.

        "Thank you" he said. There was a long pause. And during that long pause we just stood there staring at each other. Looking into those beautiful emerald green eyes, i knew something good was going to happen from this. After the long pause was over he said, "Ashley, I wanna be more than friends."
I just couldn't believe my ears. It couldn't have been any more perfect. Was this actually happening?
"I want to be more than friends too." I said nearly falling over. But before I could he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me again. But this time it was a longer and more passionate one.

        "So guess what." He said.

        "What?" I asked smiling.

        "We are dating." He said confidently.

        "We are aren't we?"


        We walked out of my room and down the stairs and back into the living room. Everyone was in the same position as they were when we left the room. Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn were all sitting on the couch with Kalee and my parents were sitting on the couch that was directly across from the couch that the other boys were sitting on. They were all still talking. Talking about the arrangements for the tour that Kalee and I were going to attend next month with the boys. My parents said that I can go.

        "I called my parents and they said 'yes' too!" Kalee screamed.

        We both got up from the couch and did a little happy dance.

        "I have something else exciting  to tell you later." I whispered into Kalee's ear.

        "Okay?" She whispered back a little confused.

        When it was time for the boys to go, Harry and I stepped off to the side, away from the others to talk.

        "I'm going to miss you." he said.

        "Harry, we are going to see each other tomorrow. We have school in the morning. Remember?" I said.

        "Oh... Yeah!" he said excitedly.

        "Well.. I guess I'll see you tomorrow." I said.

        And before he left he gave me another quick kiss.

        "I love you, Ashley." he said.

        "I love you too, Harry."

        We gave each other a hug then we met the boys at the door. "Goodbye guys." Kalee and I said while waving at them.
Harry winked at me and I blushed. When the boys left, Kalee and I went up to my room to get ready to go to bed. The second the door closed, the questions started.

        "What was that when Harry winked at you?" she asked.

        "Yeah. That's what I had to talk to you about.. Harry and I are a thing!" I said in a quiet/scream voice.

        "You mean you and Harry are dating!?!" she screamed.

        "Shh!" I said. "I don't want my parents to know."

        "Well they're going to find out sometime."

        "I know.. Just not right now."

        "Alright." She said while crossing her arms.

        "Okay now we have to get to bed for school tomorrow."

        We laid down on my bed. And as I closed my eyes that night I knew that something magical happened that night. I fell asleep that night as Harry Styles girlfriend.

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