On Tour With One Direction (Harry Styles Love Story)


9. Back to School

  "Babe." Harry said while nudging me a little. "Babe you gotta get up. We have school."

        I got up and looked at the clock on my phone. It said 5:00 am. I absolutely hate getting up in this early in the morning. It's been a long and tiring weekend. But I would never forget this weekend. It was one of the best weekends I have ever had.

        "Alright." I replied in a sleepy voice.

        " I got your bag ready for you." He told me.

        "Thank you." I said while I was getting up and outta my bed.

        When I was fully awake, I went to my closet grabbed a quick outfit and got dressed. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and put on my make up. I was finally ready to go back to school.

        "Ashley, you're beautiful without the make up on." Harry said while slipping on his shoes.

        "I still like to look nice though." I said in a teasing voice.

        I brushed my hair and when we were completely ready we went out to Harry's car and started driving towards Baltimore High. I hate going to this school. Thank god that it's my last year this year. I couldn't wait to graduate.

        When we finally got there we were greeted by Kalee and the boys in the main lobby.

        "Hey Harry! Hey Ashley! How was your weekend?" Liam asked.

        "It was great!" Harry said. "We went to the mall and we saw Kalee and Niall there when we were at the cafe."

        "Yeah that was nice to see you guys there." Niall said.

        "Only 2 more weeks until the tour!" Zayn said.

        "Yep only two more weeks. Its so exciting!" Kalee said.

        "Yeah." I said as I was smiling at Harry. He smiled back in response and kissed me on the cheek.

        "We better get to class before we're all late." Liam said.

        Everyone said there goodbyes and headed off to their first classes. Harry and I have the same classes so we headed off together to English class.

        "Did you finish you're English assignment?" Harry whispered to me when we were sitting down at our seats in English.

        "Yep. I did right before I went to bed last night. Thankfully I actually remembered to do it." I said in reply.

        "Good. I wouldn't want you to get into any trouble or anything if you didn't do it."

        I got up and handed in my paper on Mr. Mahone's desk and I sat back down at my seat next to Harry.

        We sat there and took some notes as Mr. Mahone instructed us to do. After 45 minutes in class. The bell rang.

            Mr. Mahone called me after it rang to come up to his desk to get my corrected paper. He handed it back to me and I smiled at the grade I got. I got an 'A' . It wasn't an 'A+' but at least it was an 'A' then I was alright.

        "What did you get for the grade?" Harry asked me while looking at my paper. "You got an 'A' ! That's great babe! You'll pass this class for sure now."

        "Thanks." I said and gave Harry a kiss.

        The day was going by super fast. And before I knew it school was over. It was finally time to go home.

        Harry met me at my locker.

        "Hey babe. I'm gonna miss you!" He said in a whinny voice.

        "I'm gonna see you tomorrow." I said.

        "I'll still miss you though!"

        "Aw. You're so sweet baby!"

        We stood there for 10 minutes making out.

        "I gotta go now and catch the bus. " I said.

        "Are you sure you don't want a ride home?" Harry asked.

        "Yeah I'll be fine." I told him

        "I love you." He said.

        "I love you too." I said in reply. Then taking off to catch the bus.

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