On Tour With One Direction (Harry Styles Love Story)


8. Another one of those nights

"I'm bored... Let's play a game!" I said

        We were sitting on the floor in my bedroom.

        "Sure. What game do you wanna play?" Harry asked me.

        "Oh, Harry. I think you know what game I wanna play." I said with a huge grin on my face. I moved closer to him and started to unzip his pants.

        "Ohhhhh. That kinda game. I like that game." He said and then he pulled off my shirt.

        We got undressed quickly. We jumped on my bed and got under the covers and made love again. For the second time. It was absolutely twice the charm the second time. After another 30 minutes, we stopped and took a quick nap.

        Later on, we decided to order some pizza because we both were not in the mood to actually make any food for ourselves.

        "What kind of pizza do you want?" Harry asked while dialing the pizza place's number.

        "Sausage please." I replied.

        "Hi. Can I have 2 large sausage pizzas please?.... 17.50 euros? Sounds great. Thanks. Bye." He said into the phone.

        "How long is it gonna take?" I asked Harry.

        "He said about 20 minutes."

        "Good that's just enough time for me to take a shower." I said while undressing again.

        "Do you mind if I take one with you? I kinda need to wash up myself as well." He asked in a soft sweet voice.

        "Of course you can."

        "Shit!" I yelled.

        "Whats wrong babycakes?" Harry asked me.

        "We have school tomorrow and I didn't even finish my English assignment."

        "It's alright babe. We could just skip tomorrow and send in a note the next day saying that you were sick."

        "Are you sure it will be fine?" I asked.

        "Of course it will. And if you get in trouble then I'll take the blame."

        I smiled. He'd do anything for me. We soon got in the shower and after 15 minutes we got out and got dressed just in time when the door bell rang.

        "I'll get it." Harry said.

        He opened the door and there stood the pizza man holding our two sausage pizzas. He looked a little impatient. If I were him I wouldn't be too happy myself. I mean he's a pizza man. That's a sucky job.

        "17.50 please." The pizza man said with an ignorant look on his face.

        "Ah. Here you go." Harry said, handing the man the money.

        He handed the pizzas over to Harry.

        "Have a good night." Harry said.

        "Yeah whatever." The mean pizza man said in reply.

        Harry closed the door and set the pizzas on the counter.

        "That guy must really hate his job." Harry said.

        "I know right." I said.

        We sat down and ate our pizzas. After we were done we went up stairs and to my room to go to sleep. We were both extremely exhausted so we just immediately went to sleep.

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