If We Only Had One More Day To Live (Zayn Malik Love Story)


3. Meeting Zayn

 "Zayn? Is that actually you?!" I asked while getting up from the ground.

        " Yep. I'm Zayn." He said as he chuckled a bit.

        I didn't scream or faint. Thankfully. I didn't want him to think that i was one of those fans that would just scream in his face and try to attack him. 

        "What are you doing here?" I asked.

        "Well I'm here for the party of course. Tasha tweeted me on Twitter asking me and the rest of the boys to come to her party. And we were already in the neighbor hood so I thought we'd stop by and make an appearance."

        "That's great! Where are the other boys?" I asked. Barely able to speak.

        "They're right over there." He pointed to the boys who were just getting out of their car.

        "Does Tasha know that you guys are here yet?"

        "No." He said. "We are gonna surprise her."

        There was a long silence after that. I just stood there and stared into his beautiful brown eyes.  It was after two minutes when I recollected myself.

        "Well I better get inside and see Tasha." I said. " See you inside?"

        "Yeah." He said in that same cute British accent of his.

Sorry that it's a short chapter. I'm going to be adding another chapter tonight so stay tuned. 


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