If We Only Had One More Day To Live (Zayn Malik Love Story)


2. Getting Ready

"Angelina!" My mum screamed from down stairs. "Get down here! You're going to be late for Tasha's birthday party!"

        Tasha was one of my best friends from school. Today's her Sweet 16 birthday party. We've been waiting  for this day since we were 7 years old.  Obviously our opinions on how it should be decorated has changed since then. Especially when One Direction became popular last year. Me and Tasha are total die hard Directioners.  Her Sweet Sixteen is going to be One Direction themed. This is also going to be the first Sweet Sixteen that I'm going to be attending so I am super excited.

" I'll be there in a minute!" I yelled back. " I just have to get ready real quick!" I just woke up from a late night last night. I went to a party with a couple of my other friends from school.

"Alright! You should have already been ready though so hurry up!"

        I went into my closet and grabbed my outfit that I bought just for this day. ( this ) It cost me over 200 dollars but it was totally worth it.  I went to the bathroom to change. After I changed, I grabbed my make up bag and started applying my make up. I put on green eye shadow and green mascara to match my top. I also added a little foundation to give my skin some more color to it. I wanted to look good at Tasha's party. Everyone was going to be there. Everyone except for One Direction of course. I frowned at the thought that I'd never get to meet the boys. It's quite depressing actually.

        After I was finished getting ready, I ran down stairs to see my mum waiting at the door. Judging by her body language, I could tell that she was impatient.

     " I'm sorry mom." I said in a very sincere tone. " I woke up late."

      "Alright just lets get in the car and go. We don't wanna be late."

        After that was said we were in the car and on our way down Main Street and to the club where Tasha's party is held. When we arrived there was probably over 200 cars parked in the club's parking lot. 'Live While We're Young' was on full blast. I grinned. "Typical Tasha." I thought to myself. 

        When I got out of the car one of my earrings fell out of my ear. So I was on my hands and knees looking for my earring when all of a sudden these familiar Nike shoes popped up in front of my face. I knew exactly who's shoes those belonged to. I stopped mid movement. I could not maintain my excitement when I started to get up to see his beautiful eyes...

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