A Untold Kiss

Jade Tomlinson was the sister of Louis Tomlinson. She had a normal life. She Went to Higschool. She had a brother in College. And she had a crush on Zayn Malik. One of the most popular kids in Linwood Highschool. But like everyother non-fairy tale,he sadly had a girlfriend. But at the Hallowen part Zayn had accedntly kissed her. But Jade never told Zayn. Then Zayn becomes famous...and gets put in a band...with her brother. She knew Louis wouldn't let her date Zayn...EVER! Find out how Jade gets through this Untold Kiss...


17. US

Jade's POV: 
I was so happy! Louis truly is the best brother in the world. But,the thing is. Well,when ever I hang out with Zayn,he looks scared... I'm not sure what that's about. And since we've got back together,today's our one week annaversairy since we've got back together,he hasn't kissed me. Only once.  Oh well. I guess I'm just Over thinking. Zayn said he wanted to see me. I wonder of it's about our 1 week annaversairy!? AHHHH!
Zayn's POV: 
Nothing feels right. My Heart is pounding,tears are building up,my head hurts. I can't break up with her. But I made a deal with Louis. He said it was for the best. I have too. If I truly love her,I'll let her go. I saw Jade's car pull up. She got out. She looked amazing. She slowly walked in her black and golden boot heels. She made sure not to step in the water puddles. The weather was humid and muggy,and it had rained. She walked in looking better than ever. She pushed the door making the bell ring. She slowly walked to my table. She took a seat infront of me. A waiter walks up too us. "Would you like anything?" I glanced at the menu,even though I knew everything on it. "I'll have coffee" The waiter wrote coffee down in sloppy hand writting. "I'll have coffee too" the waiter simply added a two next to coffee on his writing pad. I watched him leave. "So what's up babe?" The way she said babe made my heart melt. But I had to do what I was told. "Jade," I couldn't speak from there "What babe?" she asked me. She held my hand,which was on the table,tightly with her cold hands. Her bracelets cold too. I looked into her eyes. I opened my mouth too talk,when the waiter gave us our coffee. Our.  How i'll miss saying Our. "Let's drink coffee first" I said trying to avoid the subject. She gave me a nod. ~*~ Okay,I have to do it now. "Jade,I'm sorry but,I,I" She stopped me "No stress,i know your breaking up with me,it's just not the same is it?" She found out? Louis wouldn't tell her. "What?" I asked still confused. "You want to break up with me don't you?" She asked waiting for an answer. "I'm sorry Jade,but yes" A tear streamed down both
Our faces. She got up. She brushed her skirt. I got up too. "Friends?" She asked me. I took time to respond but I did "Yeah,not awkward friends,true friends" I said,hoping she would feel better. "Best friends?" she asked. I nodded. Jade went to the exit and left. I watched her get in her car. She waved a good bey. I paid for the coffee and left. Thinking,Maybe this isn't the end of US. OUR relationship. 
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