A Untold Kiss

Jade Tomlinson was the sister of Louis Tomlinson. She had a normal life. She Went to Higschool. She had a brother in College. And she had a crush on Zayn Malik. One of the most popular kids in Linwood Highschool. But like everyother non-fairy tale,he sadly had a girlfriend. But at the Hallowen part Zayn had accedntly kissed her. But Jade never told Zayn. Then Zayn becomes famous...and gets put in a band...with her brother. She knew Louis wouldn't let her date Zayn...EVER! Find out how Jade gets through this Untold Kiss...


14. Secret date

Courtney's POV: 
I couldn't believe that Jay finally had the guts to tell Zayn! Ahhhhhh!!! Omg! I'm so happy for them! I just can't keep my self from telling anyone! But I promised and I won't aww! There such a cute couple! So much like Romeo and Juliet. Well...Romeo and Juliet died for their love...maybe I can re write that part.  There going to to gether forever! *2 weeks later* "Thank you so much Courtney for helping us get on a date" Jay said. I helped Jay and Zayn get on a date. "Well I can't take all the credit. After all it was Zayn's idea" I Said. "Your right. Thanks Zayny!" Jay put her arms around Zayn and kissed him on the check and they started getting all in love. Sure,it was cute...the first 2 days. They are getting too close. I feel like Jay doesn't even know if I exsist. After all,she didn't even tell Zayn she kissed him after 2 years. But she get's him. When I told Josh I liked him,he said he didn't like me... If it should be anyone to have a boyfriend it should be me. Because at least I wouldn't ignore Jay. "So...I'll be going now." They kept kissing. Blach. I went up stairs. They were having the date in my basment. I felt so denied. "Hey clutz,what's up" I groaned. "What do you want Luke!!" I yelled at my younger brother. I already had enough problems. I can't handle another. "I'm having friends come over. Is the basment empty? Okay thanks" My brother answers his own questions a lot. WAIT! Jade and Zayn are in the basment. I ran to the door and blocked it. "Um,Luke! U can't go in there!" Luke made a confused face at me. "Courtney. Move away." He tried pushing me away. "I'm older" I fought back. "And how the hell does that matter?" Luke spat back at me. "Well,I won't let you go down there bitch" I spat back at him rudly. "Oooo!" Luke 'oed' "You used a bad word! I'm telling mom! Right After I go down stairs" Luke pushed me out of the way. I fell to the ground. He turned on the light. "How's the ligh off?" I mumbled to my self. I could hear Luke made it down stairs. "WHOLY FLACK!" I heard Luke yell. Oh no...
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