A Untold Kiss

Jade Tomlinson was the sister of Louis Tomlinson. She had a normal life. She Went to Higschool. She had a brother in College. And she had a crush on Zayn Malik. One of the most popular kids in Linwood Highschool. But like everyother non-fairy tale,he sadly had a girlfriend. But at the Hallowen part Zayn had accedntly kissed her. But Jade never told Zayn. Then Zayn becomes famous...and gets put in a band...with her brother. She knew Louis wouldn't let her date Zayn...EVER! Find out how Jade gets through this Untold Kiss...


3. Plans?

Jade's POV:
"So what are you wearing to the Hallowen party? Court asked. To be completely honest I forgot that today was Hallowen. "Um,maybe my fairy costume?" I really didn't feel like going but Courtney would make me go. "Really J? Really? You wore that last year!"
Court face palmed her self and sighed 
I laughed. "Yeah,I'm the idiot,atleast I didn't fail my math test." The bell rang and me and Court got up. We were walking back to L.A cause we have class together. "Hey I wasn't that bad" Court said defending her self. "You got a 40!" I said while chuckling through my words. "Hey can't help it Josh was sitting next to me" I rolled my eyes. The early bell rang and we both rushed to the top of the school.

we we're learning a lesson about literature. "So Class Open Up To Page 50 in your poem book and start reading. You have 30 minutes" I groaned "Great what elese do I need" I said under neath my breath. 5 minutes into reading Court threw a note at me. It said 'So J,I'llgive you my super woman coustume from 2 years ago ;) ya need to look cute for Zaynster' 
I rolled my eyes. I quickly took my pen and checked around the room if the teacher was looking or not. And then I wrote 'Find,long as it's not tacky! ;)'
I threw it back at her and it hit her in the eye. I let out a quiet snort. She read it and gave me a thumbs up. You know...I think tonight is going to be good. 
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