A Untold Kiss

Jade Tomlinson was the sister of Louis Tomlinson. She had a normal life. She Went to Higschool. She had a brother in College. And she had a crush on Zayn Malik. One of the most popular kids in Linwood Highschool. But like everyother non-fairy tale,he sadly had a girlfriend. But at the Hallowen part Zayn had accedntly kissed her. But Jade never told Zayn. Then Zayn becomes famous...and gets put in a band...with her brother. She knew Louis wouldn't let her date Zayn...EVER! Find out how Jade gets through this Untold Kiss...


5. A untold kiss

Jade's POV: I was actually enjoying the Hallowen Party. Since Louis and Josh were so close I got to hang out with Josh. And since I was close to Josh,Court got to hang out with Josh. And Since Josh was close with Zayn I got to hang out with him. I kept my distance from Naya. Court and I were going to go and get us some punch. 
Zayn's POV: Tonight was going great! I was having an amazing time! But a girl was wearing the same coustume as Naya,think it was Josh's Friends sister.... I saw Naya at the punch table. She looked so hot tonight. Today was the night I would kiss her. We've only kissed on the check,never the lips. I walked up
Too her,I grabbed her by the waist,turned her around and kissed her. I knew this was perfect. We were officaly Offical! 1....2...3... 
Jade's POV: I saw Zayn walking up too me. Since I was up at the punch table I thought he wanted punch. He took me by the waist,I had no clue what he was doing. Then his lips crushed against mine. It didn't feel right...at first. Then after the 3 second mark,he jumped. I exhaled really loud. Naya's loud annoying scream stopped us from kissing. Zayn was flushed with embarasment. "Naya I'm sorry!!! I should has asked if it was you or not" Then Zayn walked closer to Naya,and I couldn't hear anything. Court slapped my arm and gave me a look. A look that said "Tell him who you are" then I gave a look that said "No! He'll hate me" our silent convo stopped when Zayn came near me
Again. I quickly ran away. "Wait!" I looked back. Thinking...would I regret this...well of course I wouldn't...well hopefully.
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