Harming the heart.

Bridget is just another high school girl. She lives in london. She gets bullied because of who her best friend is. She has a huge secret that only herself knows about. That will all change soon.


1. Highschool. A.k.a Hell

Ive always imagined highschool as the four years of partying, pregnancy, prom. But no. It's the total opposite. It's more like the fours years that seem to be 10 years, breakups, drunk parents, cuts, and him. Niall Horan. He's my best friend. And only friend. He's always been there for me after I moved into the house next door and my dad shot my mom. After the tragic occerance, I was told to move into a friends house because my aunts aren't safe. That all happened when I was 3. They let my dad outfit he prison a few years ago because he was "innocent." But he wasn't. He shot my mom. The one that was supposed to give me advice. So yes, that ment I moved back into my house with the man I don't know anymore. He had his chance to be a dad. But no he had to get drunk and shoot people! And abuse the hell out of me.
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