Fame and Money Can't Buy Me(Zayn Malik Love Story)


3. Something Big.

*I switched what the girl looks like. Sorry for the late notice.*



*Breanna's Songs* http://youtu.be/G7QzV935-MU http://youtu.be/0tWbLwbLPQw http://youtu.be/DqCnb9sq8OQ We all clapped and she smiled." Brilliant!" Mike cheered while clapping his hands,"Now we can talk bussiness." Mike  said turning to her manager which I believe her name was Stacy. They walked away and Mike called back,"Hey Breanna, go get to know the boys." She nodded and smiled. We watched her walk of the stage and over to us.  *Breanna's POV* I walked over to the guys and I felt myself getting nervous but I kept my cool." Hey," I chimed while greeting them. They were all extremely attractive. They all greeted me with hugs and compliments.  "You are amazing, job well done."Said Harry. "Yeah, you have an brilliant voice,"agreed Liam. Louis gave me a high five and a smile. I turned to Niall and Zayn. "All I can say is,.. WOW." Niall said while smiling. I looked at Zayn to find him staring at me, and Niall nudged him and he jumped," Yeah,  I'm speechless." I giggled, "Thanks you guys, it means a lot." Liam shook his head, "No need to thank us, we're just speaking the truth." I smiled,"So do you guys think I got it?" Harry nodded and smiled," Mike loved you. Of course you did." I smiled, I can not believe this was really happening."Well, then I  guess I should tell you my names Breanna Fernandez." They all smiled,"Oh trust me, we know. Last night we were about to give up until we saw your video, thank god we did." Niall said with a charming smile."Aww thanks," I said back. "So do you like want to go out to lunch with all of us? So we can get to know the girl who's going to be on tour with us for the next 6 months,"Asked Louis.  Liam chimed in," We don't know for sure yet," Louis quickly replied,"She obviously did."I smiled and nodded,"I'd be delighted." We all walked over to Mike and my manager Stacy to let them know and get the news. Mike turned around and said,"Welcome to the tour group. We leave in a week. Be at the Airport at 5am, Ok?" I smiled and nodded, then hugged Stacy. Then I turned to both of them, "Thank you sooo much. You won't regret this, I promise." Mike smiled back,"I hope not, but It was my pleasure." I turned to the boys and they pulled me into a group hug.   We said our goodbyes to Mike and Stacy and they invited me into their car to head off to the restuarant. On the way there we all joked around and laughed as we got to learn about eachother. I still couldn't stop secretly fangirling over how gorgeous they all were but the one who really caught my eye was Zayn Malik. He was a little shy but I could easily change that. "You don't seem to talk much, don't be shy. I mean I don't bite, hard.." I said teasing him which pulled a warm smile across his face. " I'm just a little shy,"Zayn said looking down. I nudged him,"Don't be. I mean I am too sometimes, but don't be. If I going to be with you the next 6 months, I HAVE to get to know you."I said, smiling. He looked up and chuckled," Trust me, you will." I shook my head and smiled. I could feel my face start to get hot so I looked down, hoping he couldn't tell I was blushing.   
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