Fame and Money Can't Buy Me(Zayn Malik Love Story)


1. Her Talent.


We working on an opening talent for our tour in the US and so far , we've been having no luck. We've been in the conference room for a good 5 hours, looking for an opening talent.Yeah, some people were good, but no one stood out. Liam and I reviewed some of the papers, while Harry,Niall,Louis, and our Talent manager helped pick videos for us to review. We were reviewing people from all over the world, and it was quite interesting. We getting ready to give up when this video came on, the girl was singing  Let It Be by The  Beatles so I decided to let it play. She was quite amazing, the way she sang with confidence, she totally stood out. Liam and I started looking through her file, Her name was Breanna Fernandez, she was 18 turning 19, and she lived in Phillipsburg,New Jersey. She was cute. I looked back at the video to see it was almost over. " Is there any more on her file?"I asked Niall, and he started to scroll through and nodded."Play it,"Liam stated while still reading her info.Her headshot was kind breath taking.She wasn't really posing, but laughing.Her smile kind of lit up the whole picture. I then started to hear her singing again, and I smiled. She sounded amazing. Then our Talent Manager turned to us,"So what do you lads think?" We all looked around at each other and nodded." I think she's good, great,"exclaimed Niall. We all nodded again and Louis said,"She seems to have a great stage presence and nice personality. What do her papers say Liam?" We all turned to Liam as he went over the Papers,"Her names Breanna Fernandez,18, Phillipsburg,New Jersey. She loves music and the arts, can  play the guitar,piano,drums, and flute. Danced for 16 years and is in the modeling bussiness." We all seemed impressed."I think we should give her a call,"Niall said sitting back in his chair. I realized I was the only one who didn't say anything by the way they were all looking at me. I sat forward while smiling,"Give her a call."   After our manager talked it over with Breanna's Manager, they came to the conclusion that they'd give an answer within in the 30 minutes. We were all sitting there, on our phones when I got a text from Perrie. Hey babe, how's your day been? x - Perrie Alright, how about yours love?xx-Zayn Good, Glad to hear from you, I miss ya. We need to get together soon,agreed?x-Perrie Totally ;) I gtg babe, love you, we'll make plans xx-Zayn I turned my phone back on silent so we could discuss everything and make final descions. Mike came back in from just recieving another call. " Okay boys so, tomorrow, We are going to have her come here and watch how well she can do on stage, okay? So All of you be here at 11 am, okay?", Mike, our Talent Manger explained. I was confused, I hadn't known she called back already to confirm but everyone else just shook their head so I deciced to leave it alone. After finalizing things,we all started to get tired and went to the car. When we got back to the hotel in californa all I could about was showering and going to bed.
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