Emma had the perfect life. Cute best friend, a big brother, and a twin sister. Then one day, everything changed.


2. Meeting Him ( 14 years ago)

I was 5 years old. My family was at Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire. Megan and I were at the Yacht Club swimming. Then we started playing truth or dare. I chose dare. She dared me to go make friends with the blond boy sitting on the dock. So I went over and said hello, but he didn't answer me. I said hello again, but he still didn't say anything. So I pushed him into the freezing lake. When he came back up he said "What was that for?" "Well you ignored me when I said hello! Your voice sounds weird," I exclaimed. He said that he didn't hear me, but I wasn't so sure. The blond boy told me his name was, you guessed it, Niall Horan. After that we became close friends. It turned out that he was from Ireland, and that he was here for the summer. Every single summer until we were 12 he came back. We had the best times together.

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