Fallen Slowly

I'm Samantha, call me Sammie. My life was always awesome, I have the best neighbors ever, Louis and Niall. We are best friends. We moved in this apartment building on the same day. Room 304 = Niall. Room 305 = Me. Room 306 = Me. Niall is 18, I'm 18, too, and Louis is 20. We all have different dreams but we all love to sing. We do almost everything together. Until someone starts comfessing. . . (This is before One Direction Even Happen)


3. Title

Hey its Allie (: How have you liked More Than This :) More Than This is still continuing so keep reading. Ohkay how have you liked the first chapter of Fallen Slowly. Yeah its sort of like Getting to Know everything, I promise its going to get better by like the third or fourth chapter. (:

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~End of Authors Note~

~Samantha's POV~

"Sorry we're late Niall. Louis wouldnt wake up." I rolled my eyes at Lou. Lou pushed me playfully.

"Hey, its not my fault you didnt tell me we were going to meet up at Starbucks this morning."

"Yeah Lou, MORNING! What time is it right now! Close to 1:30 PM. Well anyway, it wasnt like you were going to wake up anytime earlier."I said sitting down next to Niall. Lou took a seat in front of me.

"You want anything Sam?" I glared at Lou. He put his hands up in surrender.

"Just the usual." I said messing with a straw.

"Okay, a Double Chocolatey Chip Frappuccino coming right up." I smiled.

"So, did you wait long?" I asked Niall still messing with the straw.

"Yeah. A little more that half an hour." I nodded. "whats our plan for today?"

"I dont know, maybe we should go to our secret beach house we bought together." I said smiling.

"Yeah. We could just hang out there and call a few friends over and play truth or dare or spin the bottle."

"Yeah. That would be fun. We havent went to our beach house in like a month or two." I said blowing a straw at Niall.

Niall took a straw and blew some at me, one right after another one.

By the time Lou came back there was a mess of straws all over the table and floor. Lou shook his head and Niall and I laughed.

"Here is your drink." Lou handed it to me. I took a fingerful of whiped cream and put it on Lou's nose.

"Thanks Lou." I said. Niall laughed.

"You want some too, Nialler?" I took another finger of cream and swiped it on Niall's nose. They both tried licking it off their nose using their tongues only and neither of them could touch their nose.

Once Lou and I finished ur drinks we took off in Lou's car and drove to our secret beach house that our parents does not even know of, not even a clue.

I took out the key and unlocked the door. We live in Florida. So its always hot enough to play in the water. We always have food, clothes, and furniture ready for us in here. We could live in this place for a month and we wont be scarce of anything. We bought this beach house about five or six months ago.

It was a really nice beach house. We bought all the furniture and decorate it ourselves. In the house, we have five rooms. Three is ours. One is used for a office and the last one is for the guest room.

Everytime we walk inside this house, it always take our breaths away. Thats how amazing it is.

"I'll call everyone." Niall exclaimed. He took out his nice IPhone 5 (dont you want one? I know I do lol) and started dialling, in his room.

"I'll set up the drinks and snacks." Lou told me. I nodded.

"Oh, Lou. Dont forget to empty our a glass Crush or Coke bottle so we can use to play Spin The Bottle or Truth or Dare." I pointed out.

"Alrighty then" Lou left the room.

I started cleaning and tidying up the room even thought there were nothing to clean.

~A few minutes later after everytging was cleaned, called, and set-up-ed~

Ding Dong-Ding Dong

"I'll open it"Niall got up off the couch ran to the door. I laughed and openedup a bag of chips.

Lou and I sat on the ground when they walked in.

"Hey ya'll" Rachel said sitting down next to Lou.

"Hey, love' Louis said politely.

"Pickles!" Delilah shouted while walking in. Taking a seat between Lou and I

"Carrots!" Lou shouted back.

"Hey Sammantha. Louis, Niall." Dylan walked in and took aseat next to me.

"Hey Dyl." I said giving him a hug.

"Okay, so what should we play?" Delilah asked.

"Two choices..." I started lowering my voice to make it sound scary.

"Spin the bottle..." Lou continued speaking slowly and scarily.

"Or Truth or Dare." Niall finished with an announcer voice.

Everyone laughed.

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