Fallen Slowly

I'm Samantha, call me Sammie. My life was always awesome, I have the best neighbors ever, Louis and Niall. We are best friends. We moved in this apartment building on the same day. Room 304 = Niall. Room 305 = Me. Room 306 = Me. Niall is 18, I'm 18, too, and Louis is 20. We all have different dreams but we all love to sing. We do almost everything together. Until someone starts comfessing. . . (This is before One Direction Even Happen)


1. Prologue

A|N: Havent started on this yet. I will soon after I make a few chapters of More Than This. Hope you like the shortsummary of this book. Cant wait for you guys to read this book. Love you guys!!!

-Allie <33
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