Fallen Slowly

I'm Samantha, call me Sammie. My life was always awesome, I have the best neighbors ever, Louis and Niall. We are best friends. We moved in this apartment building on the same day. Room 304 = Niall. Room 305 = Me. Room 306 = Me. Niall is 18, I'm 18, too, and Louis is 20. We all have different dreams but we all love to sing. We do almost everything together. Until someone starts comfessing. . . (This is before One Direction Even Happen)


2. How we met. (Part 1)

~Samantha's POV~

I live in Room 305, living right next door to Niall, Room 304 and Louis, Room 306. I have lived in this apartment for 3 years now, in exactly 3 days, Louis, Niall, and I have lived in the same apartment building for 3 years. We moved in on the same day. It was the best day ever.


I walked up the stairs, slowly one by one, admiring the outside scenery through the railing outside. I walked up three flights of clean tan stairs. This apartment building was newly renovated and they were already booked. I wondered who my apartment neighbors are, I thought. I hope that person is nice. I dont want to be staying next door to a freak or even worse a neighbor that is noisy and trashy.

"Do you need help there, love?"An accent that I dont think we have around here. I turned around spotting a cute, blue eyed and blond and brown haired boy. He looked about my age.

"Umm.. No. Am i blocking your way? Sorry" I walked up the stairs a little faster. When I got to the last step, I opened the door and surprisingly the Irish boy followed. He looked surprised too.

"You're on this floor too?"The Irish boy asked curiously.

"Uh, yeah. I do. Room 305." I replied looking at every door. Searching for mine.

"I live in Room 304. I guess we're neighbors then." He smiled cheerfully. I smiled back.

When the Irish boy and I found our doors, we saw a brown haired boy in a white and red striped Tshirt. He had a key in his hand ready to open his door. Until he heard the Irish boy drop his bag next to the door.

"Oh hey. You guys live here? Im Louis, 15." He smiled proudly.

"Niall, 13."

"Samantha, 13." I found my key in my duffel bag.

"Nice to meet you guys. Shall we open the door to our flat now?" Louis said asking us. Niall and I nodded. We all opened our door at the same time, sniffing the smell of friendship at our doors.


~End of Flashback~

I flipped over on my bed and laid on my stomach.

We all live in the flat with our parents. But that doesnt stop us from meeting each other everyday to do EVERYTHING together. So since then we've been friends. We stuck around for each other like paper and glue. Our parents says that someday, something is going to break us apart and we promised each other that we would never leave each other. Even if the Earth fall our of the sky.

I changed into some plaid shirt and wore one size larger than me hoodie. I grabbed some skinnies and wore on some UGGS.

I walked out of my room. I see my dad at the stove making some Daddy Famous Pancakes. I closed my eyes. I imagine it was just the Pancakes and me at Sammie's land. I opened my eyes. I sat down in a seat.

"Morning Daddy."

"Morning Honey." He set down a plate full of stacked pancakes. He put the right amount of syrup, whipped cream, ice cream, cherries and blueberries. "Your special."

"Thanks." I stuffed my mouth savoring the sweet taste of the pancakes. When I finished minutes later, I put my plate inside the sink. My dad was inside his room reading his morning newspaper.

"Dad, I'm going to go now. Over to Louis house if you need me." He was going to work soon anyway after reading his newspaper. But I wanted to be in the safe side.

"Alright." He yelled back.

I locked the door and I walked next door to Louis flat.

"Morning Samantha." Louis mum always called me that. She said I shouldnt give myself a nickname because you should be happy with what you got. Plus, she said she loves my name. Samantha. Samantha. Samantha.

"Morning." I smiled and gave her a hug.

"Did you eat hun?"She asked me getting a plate.

"Yeah, I just did. Pancakes." She laughed. She knows I love pancakes. I mean who doesn't know I love pancakes.

"Louis isnt awake yet. Wake him up for me. Tell him I said to get his butt down here to eat breakfast." I nodded and walked into Louis room.

He was sound asleep in his bed. Hugging his pillow. I laughed quietly. I looked around the room to see if there was anything I could wake him up with, but came up with nothing. 

I sat down on the side of the bed and whispered in his ear. "Look at that pretty girl over there" He bolted right up.

"Where?" He looked around wide awake. I laughed.

"Hi." I said still laughing.

"Stop messing with me." Lou said trying to go back to sleep.

"Sorry. But you need to go eat breakfast. Well it should be Brunch because its 11:30."

"I want to sleep." He said drowsily.

"I care why..."I folded my arms.

"If you do care, you would let me sleep." He hugged his pillow.

"Is this a trick question?' I asked.

"Let me sleep."

"No. Im good." I shook him until he sat up.

"Okay, Okay, I'm going. Let me change, go wake up Niall or something." He said aggravated.

"Niall, the sleeper, is already awake. He's at Starbucks waiting for us."

"Oh really. Okay, let me eat and we'll go." Lou said changing into some khakis and a plain blue shirt, that matches with my plaid shirt, and put on some suspenders and grabbed a black trench coat. He pulled on some converses. We walked down to the breakfast bar. He sat down and I sat down next to him.

"Thanks Samantha. What took soo long?" Johannah asked me, while putting bacon, eggs and grits on Louis plate.

"Louis wouldnt wake up. Until I had to say something in his ear. I said, Look there is a pret---" Louis covered my mouth.

"Don't say it." Lou said uncovering my mouth.

"Continue..." Johannah said setting the plate down in front of Lou.

I laughed. "I said 'Look at that pretty girl over there." Johannah smiled.

"Louis Tomlinson. Is  there a girl you need to tell me about?"

"No, mum. Sam is just playing around." Lou looked at me. I gritted my teeth. I knew he said Sam to get revenge in saying what I said in his ear to his mum. He knows I hate when people call me Sam.

After Lou ate in peace and quiet. He washed his dishes like a polite son would do and we walked to Lou's car. He recieved it on his 18th birthday. He is the only one who has a liscense. I'm older than Niall by a few months, so I get mine before he does. Lou and I met up with Niall, who has waited for us for half an hour and been munching on muffins and pie. (TO BE CONTINUED)


Hey its Allie

Hope you like the first chapter. I know its really boring a bit. But I promise the next chapter would be much better!! :)) Read my other book too. Thanks ((: LOVE YOU GUYS SOO MUCH. YOU BROUGHT ME HERE!! Comment and you can be mentioned in my chapters :))((:


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