Louis my love

Sorry guys I know I already wrote a story called Louis my love but this is just going to be the same story because that was my first fan fix and I didn't know how to do it so I'm am extremely sorry everybody


2. Chapter three: yes or no?

Louis's POV
OMG! I can not beleive I just sang in front of all of these people wow!! The judges were talking a little bit the they told me the awnser one said yes ok great start then the next we a yes omg I can not believe this is happening and then it was the last judges turn and is was a. It was a yes it was a yes omg they all said yes i an so happy omg this is actually happening I'm on x factor wow then I walked of stage I could still hear everybody cheering wow was I really that good? I could hear Morgan and Emily the most though I could tell they were as happy as I am.
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