Louis my love

Sorry guys I know I already wrote a story called Louis my love but this is just going to be the same story because that was my first fan fix and I didn't know how to do it so I'm am extremely sorry everybody


5. Chapter six: meeting Niall

When we got to nandos we meet a guy named Niall he is really sweet he has blonde hair and blue eyes. He Irish awesome right? He loves food. He had a lot of food. When we walked in he door he was the first one I saw he was staring at Emily and his face turned red. So did Emily's. Omg the have a crush on each other this is so cool we have to become friends with him and maybe they will go out that would be so awesome maybe we could double date well if me and Louis ever go out I really like Louis but I don't think he knows. I hope he doesn't know that would ruin our friendship and every thing would be awkward if he knew.
Emily's POV
Omg when we walked through the doors of nandos there was the cutest guy I have ever seen! He keep staring at me and I was staring at him it was kinda weird Louis and Morgan saw us staring at each other they better not make me go talk to him cause if they do I am going to be very very mad at them.
Louis's POV
Wow my Sister has a crush wow never thought this would happen she always told e that eh never liked anyone before now I knew that she liked him we have to go meet him. Sho then we all walked over to the table he was sitting at and we all introduced ourselfs "hi I'm Morgan" Morgan said. "hey I'm Louis." I said. "um I'm Emily" Emily said shyly. "hey I'm Niall" Niall said to us. The. We all hung out at the restaurant talking and all that stuff. "hey do you like Niall?" I asked Emily. "ya do you see him he's sexy!" Emily said back. "do you like Emily?" I heared Morgan ask Niall. "ya she's cute I like her" Niall said back to Morgan.
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