Louis my love

Sorry guys I know I already wrote a story called Louis my love but this is just going to be the same story because that was my first fan fix and I didn't know how to do it so I'm am extremely sorry everybody


3. Chapter four: I hate paparazzi

Morgan's POV
Omg I can't believe it Louis made it through auditions! He is officially on x factor i am so happy for Louis. me and Emily ran back stage and I ran up to Louis as fast as possible and gave him a huge hug. Then I heared people taking pictures then I turned around and I saw paparazzi everywhere. Oh no there going to put it online and Eleanor's going to see it she might break up with Louis oh no. Then Emily came and pulled me away from all the paparazzi. " Omg there going to put them online and then Eleanor will see it and she is going to break up with Louis and he is going to be so mad at me and never talk to me again!" I said nervously. "He wouldn't be mad at you it's not your fault your happy for him." Emily said trying to calm me down. Then all the paparazzi walked away looking at there cameras smiling. Then me and Emily walked up to Louis and he was crying. "Louis whats wrong?" Emily asked. "There going to put it on the Internet and Eleanor will see it and break up with me!" Louis said crying even harder. "Louis I feel so bad this is all my fault." I said. Then we went home and Louis was started crying again looking at his phone. " Louis what are you looking at that is making you so sad?" Emily asked. " twitter"Louis said crying extremely hard.
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