Louis my love

Sorry guys I know I already wrote a story called Louis my love but this is just going to be the same story because that was my first fan fix and I didn't know how to do it so I'm am extremely sorry everybody


4. Chapter five: Louis's heartbreak

"Why are you crying if your looking at twitter?" Emily asked Louis. "I'm crying because eleanor saw the picture of me and Morgan hugging and she broke up with me!" he said crying very very hard now. Omg I feel so bad it's all my fault that Eleanor broke up with Louis. This is terrible! Then we got back to Louis and Emily's house. Louis went right up to his room. Me and emily went into the living room and started talking about Louis's audition. "I can't believe that Eleanor broke up with Louis!" I said. "I know I can't believe it Louis is crushed!" Emily said. Then very thing went silent. Me and Emily ran up to Louis's room. Louis was looking at pictures of him and Eleanor crying silently. "We were so cute together and you ruined it!" Louis yelled at me. "Louis I'm sorry I didn't know the paparazzi around in really really sorry Lou!"I said beginning to cry. "Louis you can't blame it all on Morgan she was just really happy for you!" Emily said angrily. Then me and Emily went down stairs. "I can't believe Louis is blaming it all on you!" Emily said. "I knew this would happen I just knew it paparazzi is the worst." I said. Then we heared Louis coming down stairs. "Morgan I'm sorry I blamed it all on you like Emily said you were just happy for me and I'm really sorry for blaming it all on you." Louis said. "it's ok Lou I forgive you." I said. "hey who wants to go out for lunch?" Emily said. "sure" I said. "all right but where are we going to go?" Louis asked. "nandos?" I suggested. "sure I'll drive." Emily said. Then we went to nandos and eat and we meet someone named Niall.
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