Louis my love

Sorry guys I know I already wrote a story called Louis my love but this is just going to be the same story because that was my first fan fix and I didn't know how to do it so I'm am extremely sorry everybody


1. Chapter two: auditions

Emilys POV
Ok we are on our way to auditions. Louis is extremely nervous I could tell because ever time I looked at him in the passenger seat he was shaking. "Lou are you ok?" I asked. "Ya I'm fine I'm just really nervous." Louis said. "Well me and Morgan will be there to cheer you on just pretend your singing to us like you always do." I said." It's not that easy Emily because I know everybodys watching me." Louis said. "Well think of something else." Morgan said. Louis sighed "I'll try but it'll be really hard." "well stare at us the entire till that will help a little bit." I said. Then we got there the line was huge there were people every where."wow!" Morgan said." I can't beleive how many people are here!" Louis said. His face started turning red and he started sweating. I've never seen him this nervous I'm my life.(five hours later) Finally we were at the front of the line. Me and Morgan took our seats in the audience. Louis walked out and his face was as red as a tomato. Then the judges asked "what's your name?" "Louis Louis Tomlinson" he said in to the microphone "What are you going to sing for us today?" the judge asked. "Hey there Delilah" Louis said. Then he started singing and the nature time he was staring at me and Morgan. He sounded amazing. When he was done me and Morgan were cheering as loud as possible. The judges were impressed u could tell by the looks on there faces so impressed they where I just couldn't wait to see that they are going to say.
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