The Lost Kiss ~COMPLETE~

Niall and Lily have been best friends since they were in Kindergarten. Freshman homecoming came around, and Niall asked Lily if she would be his date but go as friends. They had an awesome time, and after, Niall and Lily went to take a walk at a park. Lily's family was moving to Texas later that week for her parent's work, and she wanted to tell Niall something before she left. After she tells him, she runs away from him embarrassed and scared on what he will say. What happens when Niall and Lily meet 3 years later?


19. Promise Me

Stacey's POV

I spent the ride home from the hospital in silent. I got in the back of the car and just sat, thinking. My best friend is diagnosed with cancer. She has a stupid tumor in her brain. Why her? Why can't it be me? And it's brain cancer.  The ride home felt like it took forever.

I overheard the doctor talking to another doctor at the hospital that she might not live. I was heading to the restroom, and I heard someone saying, "I don't think she's going to live." I'm not sure if he's talking about another patient, or Lily. I didn't tell anyone about what I had heard.

I got home and slammed the car. I opened the door of my house and locked myself in my room. I walked over to my favorite corner and just sat down. Just two feet away from me was a picture frame of me and Lily. We we're at the beach, smiling. Next to it was a photo album. I opened it to see many pictures of Lily and me. Lily gave it to me last Christmas, just a few months ago. It had most of our many pictures that we took. I opened it and looked through it, page by page. My favorite thing about Lily is her smile. Like really, if I was having a bad day and I saw her smile, she made everything better. But, before I left the hospital, I could feel that Lily's smile faded away. After looking through almost half of the books, I couldn't take it anymore. I through the book across the room and it hit one of my jars and it shattered on the ground.  Then I took the picture frame and threw it at another jar. It crashed too. I stared at the wall until my mom opened the door.

"Is everything okay?"

I nodded. "Just leave me alone for a little bit. I'll be fine." As soon as she closed the door, I put my head in my hands and started crying. I just sat there for another hour, getting really hungry. I walked down the stairs to see my mom making spaghetti. Probably to cheer me up a bit. I sat next to my dad on the couch, watching a football game.

"Are you okay?" he asked me.

I shrugged. "Yeah, I guess."
He put his arm around me. "It's going to be okay Stace. Be strong for her, it'll help her."

"Yeah, I'm trying too."

"Johnny! David!" my mom called my younger brothers. "Time for dinner!"

"Coming!" my 7-year-old twin brothers run down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"What's for dinner mommy?" David asks.

"Spaghetti." she puts the platter on the table.

"Yummy." Johnny rubs his belly.

"Come on, let's go eat before it gets cold." my dad nudges me to get up and eat.  I was hungry so I didn't ignore him. I walked to the kitchen and sat in my usual spot. After dinner, I walked back to my room and took a nice long hot shower.

I got out and got in my comfy cozy pajamas and walked over to my desk. I started working on my physics project. It's been about half an hour where I got an incoming call from Harry on Skype.

"Hey Stacey!" he smiled as I accepted the call.

"Hey." I tried to be as cheerful as I could.

"Is everything okay?"

I shrugged. "Yeah." I didn't think it was safe to tell him, considering he's with Niall 24/7.

"You sure?"

I nodded. "Yeah."

"So, what's up?"

"Physics project."

"Fun!" he sounded excited.

I looked at him. "Seriously Harry. If it's fun to you, why don't you do it for me?"

He laughed. "I'm just kidding."
"Well then."

"Hey, did something happen to Lily? Niall skyped her earlier and he told us she was acting a bit strange."

"Uh…" I started. I didn't know what to tell him. I looked away and I felt the tears coming to  my eyes again.

"Stacey, look at me." Harry was trying to get my attention as the tears started to come faster.

"Stacey, you can tell me anything." he looked concerned.

I looked at him.

"She doesn't want me to tell you. Any of you."
"Did she cheat on Niall?" he was raising his voice a little.

"NO! She'll never do that!"

"Then what? Stacey, I promise I won't tell anyone."


I breathed before I told him. "She has cancer."

He didn't talk for another minute after that.

"Cancer? How?" he whispered.

I shrugged. "I don't know." I chocked through the tears.

"What kind of cancer?"

"She has a tumor in her brain."

"A what? Brain cancer?! How did this happen!?"

I told him what had happen the past 24 hours. Well, I tried to. I cried through most of it.

"But don't tell Niall. Lily doesn't want him to know."

"Why not?"

"Knowing him, he's going to want to ditch his tour and stay with her. She doesn't want him to do that. She'll feel bad."

He put his head in his hands and looked up.

"Don't worry, I won't."

"Promise me."

He nodded. "Yeah. I promise. But give me updates every day. Okay?"

I shrugged and nodded. "K."

"HARRYY! Hurry up! We're eating out!"

"Hey, Liam's calling me. Gotta go. Keep me updated okay?"

I nodded. "Bye Harry."

"Bye Stacey."

I walked over to my bed and got comfy under the duvet and prayed that Lily could get better. 


***Author's POV

hi guys! 

so this is going to be the last update until like mid-next week! :P I hope you like this chapter though! :)

oh and if you havent read the new movella i'm writing, its called "everything has a happy ending" :DD


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