The Lost Kiss ~COMPLETE~

Niall and Lily have been best friends since they were in Kindergarten. Freshman homecoming came around, and Niall asked Lily if she would be his date but go as friends. They had an awesome time, and after, Niall and Lily went to take a walk at a park. Lily's family was moving to Texas later that week for her parent's work, and she wanted to tell Niall something before she left. After she tells him, she runs away from him embarrassed and scared on what he will say. What happens when Niall and Lily meet 3 years later?


24. Princess Diaries



Niall's POV


"Bye Niall! It was good to see you!"

"Bye! Good to see you too!"

I walked out of Lily's house mixed with emotions. All negative emotions. I knock on the door, wanting to surprise Lily, and she's not there. Where is she? Doing stuff that has to be done, and she has no time for me. Why did she break up with me? Is she trying to hide something? What's up with her? Was she cheating on me? I stopped dead in my tracks.

Could Lily be seeing another guy? No, that would be impossible. Lily would never do that. She would never cheat, even if it wasn't me. Lily's too innocent for that. I open the car door and sit. What could I do now? My flight wasn't until the morning. I drove around the area looking for something to eat. I find a small restaurant and order lunch. I ate my lunch in the car. I looked at my watch. It was still 1:30. I sighed. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.


"Hey Niall, where are you?" Harry asked me on the other line.

"Uh, I'm in Houston.."

"Really? You still decided to go?" he awkwardly said.

"Is something wrong that you're not telling me Harry?"

"No." he quickly replied.

"You sure, because Lily doesn’t want to see me. Did Stacey tell you anything?"

"Why not?"

"Well, it's not that she doesn't want to, she's really busy and all that. But something tells me she's lying to me."

"I don't know. Stacey hasn't told me a thing. When you coming back?"

"My flight's in the morning.

"Oh, okay. If you see Lily, tell her I say hi, okay? And Stacey, too."

I chuckled. "You like her?"

"Noo.." he tries to defend himself.
"You're blushing Harry! Of course you like her!" I hear Zayn in the background.

"Harry's gotta crush, Harry's gotta crush!" I sing along.

"Guys shut up!"

"Hey, I gotta go. See you tomorrow," I hung up and decide to go get some fresh air. I drive around an area and find a pretty large park, not far from the hospital.


I walk in the park for a few hours. It was getting a bit late. I shrugged and kept on walking. It was actually nice to walk around not being crowded by fans or paparazzi. I walk to the  bridge, and see a girl, who looks like she's in her teens, leaning over. She looked a bit stressed out. Her phone started ringing and I could hear her talking to some boy, Brandon. "Oh, sorry. I can't. I'm busy tonight. But thanks for asking Brandon."

She hung up and sighed. She didn't seem in a good mood.

"You're busy tonight?" I needed to talk to someone. Someone who didn't know anything about me.

"No, I just need time to think about stuff."

"So you came here?"

"Yeah. What about you?"

"Just came to think to," my shoe kicked a rock across the bridge.  She sat down against the bridge, and I sat down a few feet away from her. "So what's your problem?" she asked me.

"So this is some kind of therapy?" I laughed. I kind of liked the idea of stranger-therapy.

"Well, yeah, I guess. We need to talk about our problems, I guess it helps, right?"

I nodded. "Yeah, I guess." We stayed quiet for a few seconds before I spoke. 

"So, what are you thinking about?"

"Well, I'm a nurse at the hospital not far from here, and…"

"You're a nurse! How old are you?" I eyed her. She looked like she was still in high school. Around Lily's age.

"Yeah, I'm 26. I just finished medical school."

"Oh. You look much younger."

"I get that a lot." I sighed and continued. "So anyways, there's this girl that I'm helping out at the hospital. We've gotten really close since. She has cancer, and she's just been diagnosed, only a few weeks ago. Brain cancer. The cancer came all of a sudden, no one that she knew, not her family or friends, expected it. She's been taking it really hard. She tries to get use to the fact that she has cancer, but she reacts to it worse everyday.  Right before I left today, just a few minutes ago actually, the doctor told me she might not make it through, only a few weeks left. I-, I don't know how to tell her or her family, but the doctor said I should try to tell her, if not, he's going to. So that's about it."

"Poor girl." I looked down on the floor.

"Yeah, and she's not telling me her boyfriend about any of this, or, I don't really know what's been going on between the two of them. He doesn't have a clue about this, not even the slightest clue. As much as she wants to tell him, she doesn't."

Lily. Could it be Lily? No, it can't be. Lily can't have cancer. She cannot have cancer. No. I looked at her and I spoke to quickly.  "What's her name?"

She gave me a weird look.

"Why do you want to know her name?"

I jump up and put my head in my hands. Lily. It must be Lily. Everything makes perfect sense. She broke up with me so I wouldn't have to go down to Houston. How did she know I was going to surprise her? And when I went to her house, she wasn't there. It all makes perfect sense.

"What's wrong?" she stands up and asks  me.

"What's her name?!" I start to freak out. I turn to look out her.

"Lily." She blurted out.

"What?!" I looked at her. Lily. It can't be Lily Allen. No, please don't say Lily Allen, please. She can't be dying.  "Lily who!?" I felt myself crying.

"Lily. Lily Allen."

No. It was Lily. No, no! How can it be Lily! What does she mean by dying? "Where is she? Which hospital? What room? Why didn't she tell me?" I cried out.

"I’m sorry but she doesn't really like to see visitors. She told me not to tell anyone, but I guess..."
"I need to see her!"

I stopped her before she could say anything else. I throw off my hoodie.

"I'm Niall! Niall Horan!"



Brielle's POV

"I'm Niall! Niall Horan!" the boy pulled of his hoodie. Even through the night sky, I could still make sense of who he was. He was Niall Horan, the boy Lily was hiding everything from.

"Why didn't she tell me?!" he pleaded.

"She did-" he stopped me.

"What do you mean she has cancer? She can't have cancer! Lily's too strong for that! What do you mean she's going to die in a few weeks? Take me to her! Now! I need to see her!"

I didn't answer any of his questions.

"Come with me." I grabbed his arm and took him to my car. We got in and drove to the hospital.


Lily's POV

I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I fixed the purple bandana around my  head. I walked out of the bathroom and got under the duvets of the bed. I grabbed the remote and flicked through the channels. I stopped on Disney Channel, because they were playing Princess Diaries 2, one of my favorite movies ever! I put the remote down and watched the rest of the movie. I checked my phone to see if someone texted me, nobody. I shrugged and continued to watch the movie.

The door slammed opened and I turned around.

"Lily!" he came running towards me and wrapped his arms around me. I quickly pushed him off of me. I looked at him for a few seconds.

"Niall?" I choked out

I looked at him. His eyes were red from crying. He didn't look like his usual happy self. He looked broken. His hands held my head.

"Niall?" I whispered.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Brielle running in the room. When she saw us, she quietly walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.

"Lily. What happened?" Niall cried.

"I-I…" I couldn't finish my sentence. Now both of us were crying. Niall sat next to me on the bed and wrapped his arms around me. I cried in his shoulder for I don't know how long. I wiped my tears and looked up at Niall.
"How did you find out?"

"I bumped into Brielle in the park."

"How did you know- how did she-"

"It's a long story, no need to explain. I'm here and that's what matters."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry Niall." I hugged him.

He rubbed my back and kissed my forehead. "It's okay, Lily. It's okay."

We stayed quiet like that for a while. None of us spoke a word.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he whispered.

I pulled away from the hug and my eyes met his. I opened my mouth to speak, but then closed it quickly. I finally had the urge to tell him.

"I-I didn't want you to leave your job. Because I know you, Niall. You, you would cancel the tour just to stay with me. I didn't want you to do that."

"But of course I would do that. I love you, Lily!"

"But what about all your fans and the concerts and everything else?"

"I don't care about any of them Lily! Well, yes, I care about them, but not as much as I care about you! I don't care what they think! You're the only one I care about!"


"Don't 'but' me Lily. I know that you know you want me to the concerts and all that stuff, but when it comes to you diagnosed with cancer and dying, I'd rather choose you."

"Niall but it's your job. You can't do this. You'll get kicked out."

"You're my princess, I only care about my princess, Lily, and that’s you."

I couldn't reply to him. I was speechless. My heart melted. I started to cry. I opened my mouth to try to say something, but Niall stopped me. He raised his index finger on my mouth. He smiled at me. "You don't have to say anything back." He wiped the tears off my face with his thumb.

"I love you, Niall." was all I could get out.

His smile got bigger. "I love you too Lily." And with that he kissed me passionately. His lips fitted into mine like a puzzle piece.

I slowly pulled away and looked at his beautiful blue eyes. He raised his hand to the bandana and untied it. He took it off my head. "You're still beautiful, you know."

Before I could respond, he looked me in the eye and with a stern look he said "And don't you try to argue with me."

I blushed. "Niall I-"

He looked at me. "Yeah?"

I fiddled with my hands and looked down. "I'm sorry for not telling you. I just, you know." I shrugged.

"Hey." he lifted my chin with his fingers so that my eyes met his blue ones. "It's okay. I understand. I'm here now, aren't I?" He gave me a quick peck on the lips and wrapped his arms around me. He tucked me in bed and laid down next to me. I cuddled up next to him before falling asleep. Before I fell asleep, I could hear him chuckle.

"Princess Diaries, huh? Of course."

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