The Lost Kiss ~COMPLETE~

Niall and Lily have been best friends since they were in Kindergarten. Freshman homecoming came around, and Niall asked Lily if she would be his date but go as friends. They had an awesome time, and after, Niall and Lily went to take a walk at a park. Lily's family was moving to Texas later that week for her parent's work, and she wanted to tell Niall something before she left. After she tells him, she runs away from him embarrassed and scared on what he will say. What happens when Niall and Lily meet 3 years later?


27. Charleston

Niall's POV

"Niall," Mrs. Emma cried on the phone as I paced around the room. My heart started pounding in my chest and I wiped my eyes. "No, no," I muttered under my breath.

"Niall, she, she died. Lily's gone, Niall, she's gone."

I froze in my spot.

"No, she can't be! She can't die! Lily please!" I threw my phone against the wall and cried. I dropped the floor and sat against the couch. I picked up a pillow and threw it on the drum set across the room. My face dropped to my face and cried.


I sat down next to the tombstone and leaned against it. I wiped my tears off my face, but it was useless. They kept coming back, more each time. I traced the lettering on the tombstone. "Lily," I whispered, "why did you go? Why did you leave me? I miss you, Lils."

I stayed quiet for a minute. I hit the tombstone. "Why Lily why? And you expect me to live now? I can't live without you!"

"Niall?" I could hear Harry walking up to me. "Niall, it's time to go."

"Leave me alone, Harry! Go away!" I didn't look up.


"I said go away!" I pushed him away.


"Niall, wake up!" Harry shook my shoulders and I bolt up, panting. I look around and feel my bed under me. "What?" Harry's looking at me, "Are you okay? What happened?"

"Where's my phone?" I jump out of bed and search the area for my phone. I grab it from under the sheets and shakily hold it in my hand. I walk around, kicking the clothes on the floor and click on Lily's contact.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

"Come on, Lily! Answer!" I yelled in the phone and I wiped my eyes. "Come on, Lily."

"Niall, tell me what's going on!" Liam sat up in his bed. I must of woke up the whole bus.


Hi! This is Lily, and I'm sorry I can't answer the phone. I'll call you back as soon as possible!

"Come on, Lily!" I yelled at the phone.

"Niall," Liam gave me a strange look, "what's happening?"

I sat on the bed, calling Lily again. I looked up at the four boys looking at me wondering what was wrong with me.

"I had a dream-" I stuttered "that Lily di-" I began to tell them.

"Hello? Niall?" Lily finally answered the phone. She sounded tired.

"Lily!" I walked away from the boys, not bothering to tell them.

"Niall? Is everything okay?"

"No, I had a dreamandyoudiedand-"

"Niall!" she yelled in the phone, "calm down!"

"Are you okay?" I run my hand through my hair. "Is everything okay, are you okay?"

"Niall, yeah I'm fine! Why are you calling me in the middle of the night! It's two in the morning!"

"So nothing happened?" I freaked out.

"No, I'm fine! What's wrong?"

"I- I had a dream that- you died," I stuttered out. There was silence for a few minutes.



"Are you crying? Oh, please don't tell me I made you cry."

"No-" she sniffled, "I'm fine. I'm not crying."

"Lily, I can tell if you are or not."

"I actually died? From cancer?"

I sighed and leaned against the wall. Mrs. Emma told me she was scared of dying. And I told her what happened? Why? She can't die.

"Lily, it's okay, it was just a dream. I woke up and was just worried that something happened to you. I-, you're not going to die, Lily, you're not. Okay?"

"Niall, but in your drea-"

"Lily," I choked out. "It was just a dream. Please. Let's just forget about this, okay? It was just a dream."

She hesitated before responding, "Okay, it was just a dream."

"I'm going to let you sleep, okay princess? Just forget about this call."

"Okay. Bye Niall, I love you."

"I love you more, Lils. Goodnight."

"Don't let the bed bugs bite!" she giggled on the other end. I smiled, "yeah, don't let them bite you."

I hung up and through my phone at the couch. Charleston. Louis walked up to me, "is everything okay?"

"When is Charleston?"

"Charleston? You mean the concert?"

I nodded, "Yeah. When is that."
"In a few days I think, why?"

I shook my head, "Nothing, it's okay. I'm fine." I shoved passed him and climbed into bed, ignoring the other boys. I didn't want to talk to anyone at the moment, not anyone.


Lily's POV

I tossed and turned the rest of the night. I couldn't fall asleep. I got a drink of water, hoping it would help. I played music, turned on the TV volume low, nothing would help. I mean nothing. All I could think about was what Niall told me. I didn't know what to think. I took a walk in the quiet hospital hallways, nothing would help. I mean NOTHING. Does this mean I'm going to die? It wasn't just a dream… It was Niall's dream, and maybe it was telling me something? After what felt like ages, I got under the sheets and finally I was able to fall asleep.


As soon as I finished taking my medication, I immediately called Nialler. He answered after two rings. "Hello?"

"Hey Niall."
"Hey, Lily. Are you okay?"

I sighed and nodded, "Yeah, I am."

"You sure? Please don't tell me you're worrying about that dream. I shouldn't have told you. I-"

"No Niall, it's okay. I'm fine."

"You sure?" he didn’t seem too convinced.

"Yeah, I am. Don't worry about me. I'm fine," I lied to him.

"Hey Lily!" I could hear Louis. I laugh, "Hey Louis."

"Niall! Put it on speaker!"

"I wanna say hi to Lily!" Louis pouted.

"Fine," Niall gave in.

"Hey Lily, how are you feeling?"

"Eh, better, I'm fine though," I respond to Louis.

"Niall here misses you already."

"Shut up, Louis!"

"Aww Niall's blushing."

"Lily, I'll call you later, I got to deal with someone right now. Love you!"

I laughed and hung up the phone, "Okay Niall, love you too."


Niall's POV

Soon enough it was the night we were performing in Charleston. I didn't dare to tell Lily where we were. It'll only freak her out more. I ended up telling the boys about my dream, but I didn’t tell them about the city. This whole morning I was all shaky and freaking out. What if the dream is foreshadowing? I shook it off, trying my best to forget about it.

'It's just a dream, Niall, it's just a dream' I kept telling myself.

My phone vibrated and I reached across the table to get it.


I smiled to myself and texted Lily back.

"Lily texted you?" Harry smirked and sat down across from me. I looked up and nodded, "Yeah."

He got out his phone and went on who knows what. "How's Stacey?"

"Hmm?" Harry looked up from his phone.

"How's Stacey?"

Harry gave me a confused look, and I could tell he was hiding something. "What do you mean, 'How's Stacey? You can ask Lily that you know."

"Harry, I'm not an idiot, I know you like her and y'all have been texting her. Duhh."

He kicked me under the table, "Shut up, Niall. Yeah, she's fine."

I smiled, "When you going to ask- ow! Harry, don't kick me!"

"Don't talk about Stacey, Niall, seriously," he whined.

"Just tell me you like her and I'll be quiet."

Harry sighed and hesitantly told me, "fine. I do. But don't tell anyone yet."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," I got up to get a drink of water.


"Boys! Time to get on stage!" Paul called us and we got on stage and started singing. "Hello Charleston!" I yelled in the microphone after we finished singing "Kiss You."

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