Life is a mystery

Marie is one of those popular girls at school. Everyone loved her and wanted to be her. She has really long light brown hair. It was natuarlly wavy and straight. Depending on the weather and her mood. Weird right ? Yeah. She had brown-blue-greenish eyes. They always change color. Marie had a big booty and big boobies. she was very fit and she was a senior. Her Niall have been together for 1 year. Will they keep going strong ? Or will they fall inlove with other people ? What will happen when Niall finds out her huge secret ? Will he still love her ? Does Marie fall for Louis ? Harry ? Liam ? Or Zayn ? How will Katie . Marie's best friend , feel about the big secret ? Will she be hurt ? Sad ? Taken back ? Read to find out the secret , lies , rumors , truths , and love lifes .


8. chapter 8


Chapter 8   *Marie's POV*         I pulled away from the kiss with a smile on my face gasping for air. I interlocked my hand with Niall's and we kept walking around. There was this girl coming towards us and she looked 16-17 years old. Probably another fan. I sighed and Niall tightened his grip on my hand. The girl came up to us and started talking to Niall. She was flirting with my man.       Oh no. Shits about to go down if she keeps going. She doesn't even realize that I'm here ! Niall keeps tightening his grip on my hand and I just give the little slut death glares. She doesn't even realize. She tried to come up to Niall's face to kiss him on the lips but he turns his head and I pull him backwards. He grabs my waist because he knows what's about to go down. Don't ! And I repeat DON'T , ever flirt with my man. "What the fuck !?" The little slut leaf say angry. Yes , she's a little slut leaf. "The fuck you trying to kiss MY man for ?" "Fuck off bitch !" Oh no. I know she didn't not just say that. "Babe .." Niall says scared and worry. Not that I'm gonna get my ass kicked but that I will get into trouble. For a 4 foot 12 or 5 foot girl I could kick MAJOR ass. "It's okay babe." I reply to Niall.       And as to the dirt slut leaf I say "listen you dirty fucking looking ape bitch ! Don't touch and get all flirty with my man ! He don't want your raggedy dirty ass bushy pussy ! Keep your legs closed near my man ! You little slut leaf !" I yelled everything at her. "He wants me. I could see it in his eyes. He's gonna leave you for me." "Oh honey. Your so funny. Haha. How about you go buy yourself a pair of long jeans and a long t-shirt and your first cat that won't be the last. There will be more coming along the way for you. Let me give you some cash so you can go buy your bummy self all those things." Next thing I know the bitch is bringing her hand up to smack me. Hell fucking no ! All hell just broke loose .. For her ! I grab her hand with my left hand and smack the living life outta her with my right hand.       Niall grabbed me by the waist and pulled me away from the little slut leaf. She just sat there scared rubbing her cheek. Niall set me down by the water fountain and kissed me. When we pulled away we noticed the fountain had lit up. I smiled and wrapped my arms around Niall's neck. "I love you more than life itself baby." I whispered to him. "I love you more than the suns heat princess." He whispered back. "Let's go home baby." He grabbed my hand and walked me to the car. He opened the door for me and walked to the drivers side. 
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