Life is a mystery

Marie is one of those popular girls at school. Everyone loved her and wanted to be her. She has really long light brown hair. It was natuarlly wavy and straight. Depending on the weather and her mood. Weird right ? Yeah. She had brown-blue-greenish eyes. They always change color. Marie had a big booty and big boobies. she was very fit and she was a senior. Her Niall have been together for 1 year. Will they keep going strong ? Or will they fall inlove with other people ? What will happen when Niall finds out her huge secret ? Will he still love her ? Does Marie fall for Louis ? Harry ? Liam ? Or Zayn ? How will Katie . Marie's best friend , feel about the big secret ? Will she be hurt ? Sad ? Taken back ? Read to find out the secret , lies , rumors , truths , and love lifes .


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

*Niall's POV*

      I get to spend one whole day with my baby ! Just me and her. Our love spot is where we had our first kiss , first date , first time I told her I love her , when I asked her out , one day she had a bad day and she met up with me and she ran into my arms and she was perfectly fine after. It's beautiful there.

    We ran upstairs to go shower. I put on jeans with a jack wills shirt and my supras. Marie came into the room with high waisted shorts , black toms and a galaxy shirt that's open on the sides. And her hair was in perfect curls and her bangs clipped back in a black bow. She's so beautiful I'm gonna end up marrying her one day. "Ready to go beautiful ?" She looked down and blushed. Awww I loved it when she did that !

"Yeah babe."


(Sorry it's so short. Tomorrow ill get on my laptop and add more and fix it up. Thank you for reading. Love guys <3 :* )

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