Life is a mystery

Marie is one of those popular girls at school. Everyone loved her and wanted to be her. She has really long light brown hair. It was natuarlly wavy and straight. Depending on the weather and her mood. Weird right ? Yeah. She had brown-blue-greenish eyes. They always change color. Marie had a big booty and big boobies. she was very fit and she was a senior. Her Niall have been together for 1 year. Will they keep going strong ? Or will they fall inlove with other people ? What will happen when Niall finds out her huge secret ? Will he still love her ? Does Marie fall for Louis ? Harry ? Liam ? Or Zayn ? How will Katie . Marie's best friend , feel about the big secret ? Will she be hurt ? Sad ? Taken back ? Read to find out the secret , lies , rumors , truths , and love lifes .


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

*Marie's POV*

     I woke up at 11:47. I rolled over and saw Niall was still sleeping. I crawled onto of him and started playing with his abs.

      "Niall .. Wake up !" "Babeeeeeeey wake up !" "Baby wake up !" "Baby wake the fuck up !" "Baby !" Ugh ! Nothing was working with this boy. Then I got an idea. I bent down closer to his face and kissed him. He grabbed my waist and kissed back. I pulled away and smiled. "Oh good. Your up !" I said in a cheerful voice. Niall picked me up and we walked to the bathroom.

     He set me down on the counter and passed me my toothbrush. We brushed our teeth and then Niall carried me down the stairs. As soon as we walked into the kitchen we caught stares from everyone. I was playing with Niall's hair and then I whispered in his ear "they're staring at us again .." "Don't mind them". Niall set me down and I sat at the table with the boys staring at me. "Yes ?" I asked them. "What ?" Harry said acting all innocence. "Stop staring at me .. All of you. Sheesh , nothing happened. We were tired. Now let me eat my waffles." That was such a lie ..

    I finished eating and went to the living room and laid down on the couch. I was so sore .. Niall came a little after and laid on top of me.

    "So what do you wanna do today princess ?" "Umm , let's go to our love spot." "Sounds good. Buuuuut , you have to give me a kiss first."

    "Your so cheesy baby. But , pucker up loser." I said with a grin. As we were kissing I heard "ahhhhhhh"     "get a room"      "AHHH ! THEY'RE MAKING BABIES !"    "Guys , leave them alone."    I laughed and pulled away. Niall climbed off me and went to punch the guys. I rolled off the couch. Literally. I fell hard on the floor. I winced in pain. All the boys looked at me and Niall rushed to my side. "What happened ?" "I don't know. I just rolled off the couch." "Are you okay !?" "Yeah , I'm fine. Let's go get ready."

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