Life is a mystery

Marie is one of those popular girls at school. Everyone loved her and wanted to be her. She has really long light brown hair. It was natuarlly wavy and straight. Depending on the weather and her mood. Weird right ? Yeah. She had brown-blue-greenish eyes. They always change color. Marie had a big booty and big boobies. she was very fit and she was a senior. Her Niall have been together for 1 year. Will they keep going strong ? Or will they fall inlove with other people ? What will happen when Niall finds out her huge secret ? Will he still love her ? Does Marie fall for Louis ? Harry ? Liam ? Or Zayn ? How will Katie . Marie's best friend , feel about the big secret ? Will she be hurt ? Sad ? Taken back ? Read to find out the secret , lies , rumors , truths , and love lifes .


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

*Niall's POV*

       It felt good seeing my girlfriend again. I missed her Sooo much. We got inside her flat and she threw her bags in the closet. She brought me upstairs and we cuddled for 7 minutes. I sat up not wanting to leave her side and said "were going out today baby" "where to ?" "well first we're gonna meet up with the boys and then me and you are going to nandos !" "alright baby. Lemme get ready first." she got up and walked over to her closet. She picked out a pink tank top that had a cross on the back of it and it was open at her lower back where you could see her back dimples. Then she chose white shorts and took her pink toms. She laid it on the bed and said "perfect". She looked up and I smiled at her. She blew me a kiss and walked into her bathroom. I went on twitter and tweeted : 

"Finally saw my beautiful girlfriend <3 I missed her Sooo much ! It's our one year anniversary today ! Yaaay ! We're perfect for each other :) #inlove <3 :* I love you baby @its_marie_baby <3 xx".

     In less than 10 minutes I already had 10,000 retweets. Some people commented "ya still together ?" "ugh ! Leave her and come get in my bed (;" "she probably cheated on you .."

    I just laughed at all the hate tweets. JEALOUSLY KILLS ! I practically screamed in my mind. Marie came out in her undergarments with a towel wrapped around her body and another around her head. She dropped the towel and slipped on her shorts. She then put on her toms. Then she put her shirt on. She took the towel off her head and shook her hair. I saw her walk over to her little hair salon. I call it that because she leggits has a whole bunch of hair products. She was about to turn on her curling iron when I stopped her and told her to go natural. She brushed her long honey brown hair and did a waterfall braid. She was stunning. She quickly added some eye liner and blush and we left.

*authors note* I wanna make this story intense. So please leave ideas in the comments about what I should write in this movella. I'll give credit <3

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