Life is a mystery

Marie is one of those popular girls at school. Everyone loved her and wanted to be her. She has really long light brown hair. It was natuarlly wavy and straight. Depending on the weather and her mood. Weird right ? Yeah. She had brown-blue-greenish eyes. They always change color. Marie had a big booty and big boobies. she was very fit and she was a senior. Her Niall have been together for 1 year. Will they keep going strong ? Or will they fall inlove with other people ? What will happen when Niall finds out her huge secret ? Will he still love her ? Does Marie fall for Louis ? Harry ? Liam ? Or Zayn ? How will Katie . Marie's best friend , feel about the big secret ? Will she be hurt ? Sad ? Taken back ? Read to find out the secret , lies , rumors , truths , and love lifes .


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

*Marie's POV*

             I sat in class waiting patiently till the bell rang. I was a senior and it was the last day of school. Today was also my one year anni with my boyfriend Niall James Horan. I was upset he couldn't make it , but we faced time yesterday at 12 and that made me happy. I missed him a lot. All my friends surrounded me talking about how they were going to miss me and a lot of other things but I was too busy paying attention to the clock that I wasn't paying attention to what was going on.

          *BBBBBBBRRRRRRRRIIINNNNNNGGGGG* I jumped out of my seat and screamed "SCHOOL'S OUT BITCHES ! IM OUT !" I ran out the door to my locker. A lot of people came up to me and gave me cards and a lot of other things. I was really popular at school and got along with everybody. I opened my locker and kissed it goodbye. It was going to be the last time I was going to be near it. I ran outside and my mouth dropped to the floor. I couldn't believe my eyes. I rubbed them to make sure I wasn't going crazy. Nope I wasn't. I dropped my bags and ran screaming "BABY ! YOU MADE IT ! OMG I MISSED YOU SO MUCH !" I jumped right into his arms.

     I couldn't believe Niall was here. In front of my school. "Heeey baby ! I missed you too !" "I thought you was on tour baby ?" "yeah I am. But we got 3 weeks off and come on princess , you really think that I'd miss our one year anniversary ?" "well you was on tour and I thought you wouldn't be able to make it. But I'm so glad your here !" "me too baby. I'm so happy to see you." Niall grabbed my face and kissed me strongly but with a passion.

       Everyone came outside and hugged me. I truly will miss everyone and everything about this school. "I'll miss you Marie. It was nice knowing you. Good luck in life." my ex Johnny said to me. I smiled and said "I'll miss you too Johnny. Same to you. Enjoy your summer." he smiled and walked away. I grabbed my stuff and me and Niall walked back over to my car. "where's your car babe ?" "oh , I asked Liam to drive me that way I could just ride with you." "oh okay. Well let's go to my house to drop my things off." "the boys also want to see you. Especially Lou , since you always have carrots for him." "I just bought new carrots yesterday. I missed him and it reminded me of him. And I missed the boys a lot." "you didn't buy anything cause you missed me ?" Niall said frowning. I giggled at his child behavior and pulled him close to me. "I didn't have to baby. I got you clover necklace." I said with a smile. He looked up at me and kissed me. Then we got in my black 2014 ranger rover.

      I was pretty spoiled by everyone. I was just loved. Louis actually bought me a new bed because it started to hurt my back. I told him my mom could buy it since we were loaded but he said it was okay. Then Harry bought me the iPad 3 along with the new iPhone 5 even though I had just gotten the iPhone 4s. Liam bought me a beautiful diamond bracelet that had my name carved into the diamonds. Zayn bought me 5 pairs of uggs and Jordan's for my birthday. And Niall gave me his clover necklace and my range rover. My mom bought me a flat. It was pretty nice. I lived with my best friend Katie.

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